Photo Credit: Funfeder Family

Earlier this month, the Funfeder family made their grief public, spurring an international response of worry for their well-being. The 10 orphans and their father are reportedly still living in significant poverty, with little resources for the future and inadequate living conditions.


It is not often that the suffering of a particular family is acknowledged publicly by Rav Chaim Kanievsky himself. Thousands of family living in poverty in Eretz Yisroel receive general donations from Kupat Ha’Ir, whose campaigns are supervised and approved by Rav Chaim shlit”a. However in this case, the tzedaka organization has chosen to make the name of the family public, and to broadcast their story specifically, urging their dire need.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE Readers all over the world were moved to see the shocking footage of this devastated family, including one particularly emotional moment where the father broke down in tears, before asking for help to ‘marry off his children in dignity.’

Kupat Ha’Ir urges those who have not yet given to contribute what they can to save this suffering family.