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He’s had cancer for half his life. The oncology ward has become as familiar as his own home. As Yossi contemplates his uncertain future, he tries his best to smile and enjoy the few comforts available to him.

In between his course of chemotherapy drips at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Yossi makes his way over to the inviting ICSN care corner in the Oncology Department. “The simple things make it easier to go on. At least I’m still able to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a piece of cake, whenever I need. It relieves some of the stress of doing all these treatments,” Yossi said.


Yossi, who is in his 30’s, has been battling leukemia on and off for half of his life. It has been an arduous journey for him and his devoted mother, a noted Rebbetzin who grew up in the UK and moved to Israel, when her husband took up a rabbinical posting in Israel’s periphery years ago.

“It’s so difficult sometimes, because Yossi hasn’t had a medical breakthrough and I have been with him all through this process,” she said. “It’s hard to watch him go through this but he is always smiling, which gives me hope, even though only the Almighty will know what his fate will be.”

She struggles with her emotions as she considers her son’s future. One thought gives her comfort, “Without the assistance from the people at the Israel Cancer Support Network (ICSN), I don’t know where we would be. They are always there to provide transportation for us, to help with getting Yossi appointments with the top doctors. And, they make sure that the ‘care corners’ are always freshly stocked all hours of the day and night. A hot drink is like a ray of sunshine when things might look bleak.”

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Israel Cancer Support Network provides cancer patients and their families with the warmth they need to thrive emotionally and the backing they need to meet the physical challenges of cancer treatment. From personal transport to treatments, to a morning cup of coffee or the latest medications, ICSN is easing the burden of cancer. ICSN uses a network of volunteers to create a community of cancer support throughout Israel.

ICSN functions entirely through donations with no external support. Your donation allows the lifesaving work of ICSN to continue. This Chanukah as you light the menorah, remember the light that ICSN is bringing into the lives of families with cancer sufferers.

Please give generously and bring light into the darkness of cancer.


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