I’m sure there are people remembering this night here in Germany. For me, I am sitting in my hotel room remembering 91 Jews who were murdered, many others beaten and over 30,000 Jews deported. Over 1,600 synagogues that were attacked; 267 of them destroyed completely, countless Torah scrolls and holy books burned.

And today in Europe – Jews were not invited to a commemoration of Kristallnacht in a small Swedish town for a variety of excuses such as:

  • “it can be perceived as unwelcoming or unsafe situation for them.”
  • “Jewish people will be scared to come because they usually have Israeli flags with the swastika on them.”
  • “The Jewish community wasn’t invited because we assumed they might be uncomfortable around that sort of thing.”

One person said it was a security risk for Jews to attend. Lovely…meanwhile, I sit here wishing…wishing…I’m not even sure what.


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