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Sarah Tuttle Singer answers some questions at the Jerusalem Day Parade

Before you watch the video below, please read! (From the Facebook post)

Yesterday was awesome! I mean really awesome!


There were tens of thousands of Jews who gathered in Jerusalem to sing, dance and celebrate the Jewish return to Zion. Something we dreamed about for 2,000 years. After you watch it, please share it. It is important for all to see!

While so many joined the festivities of Jerusalem Day, left wing organizations attempted to ruin the party. Many left wingers curse the day we liberated Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. They actually treat this day with disdain. It is heartbreaking to see Jews siding with our enemies instead of focusing on rejoicing with the gift we were given; Jerusalem. It is horrible to hear Jews accepting historical lies our enemies are using to justify the murder of Jews.

In past years, there have been incidents of vandalism as individuals used the celebration to vent their anger at the Islamic terror and they inexcusably took it out on random Arab people. This behavior has nothing to do with the tens of thousands of others who were there to celebrate, but facts like that do not have any importance to the left wing activists I met.

The first activist I met was Sarah Tuttle Singer. For those who don’t know Sarah, she is the head social media person at the The Times of Israel.

She did not come to march, she came to stand against the march and when I asked if she was here to celebrate, all she could do was let out a gag as if to say, “you must be kidding me!”

She was there to report on what she was hoping to see, the vandalizing minority that people like Sarah thrive on. The problem is, she did not find them! NOT ONE!

While she must have been disappointed that she was unable to justify her rabid anti Jerusalem Day parade attitude, she was unable to admit it as she wrote her status that evening and said that others were saying this was one of the most calmest Jerusalem Day Parades. What do you mean others said, YOU WERE THERE SARAH! Can’t you admit you were MISTAKEN!

I asked her several questions about her political views which she had a hard time explaining and then I shut off the phone per her request. We did continue talking and as she usually does, she began to use profanity and sexual innuendo. She proudly told me how the Muslims in the area are her friends and I explained to her that is because she shares the same views as they do. I challenged her to go into the market and ask the first Muslim why they built a mosque on our Temple Mount and see how friendly they react. I offered to join her in the market as we challenge any Arab shop owner to give a date when Israel occupied Palestine from them or when such a country called Palestine ever existed. At first she agreed and then she said that she does not want to cause incitement…

CASE CLOSED! She did promise we would do so in the future…ya never know.

Next I met people from an organization call Tag Meir. This is an organization that fights Jewish violence and says absolutely nothing about Islamic terror. This is not a charge I am making, this is their charter.

The problem is not that this organization is opposed to random acts of violence by Jews, the problem is the Muslims they were giving flowers to are the ones who believe they are justified in attempting to destroy Israel and murder Jews. The leftists claimed 4 Arabs have been murdered by “Tag Mechir” over the last 68 years. I do not know who those 4 are but even if the number is true and unfortunate, not sure 4 murders justifies an organization to give flowers out to those who encourage the murder of Jews or focus on Jewish acts of vandalism while ignoring the thousands of Jews murdered by radical Islamic terror.

The bonus round was the Young Arab lady who was there and who claimed we occupied Jerusalem from the Arabs in 1984!!! When asked when an Arab Palestine country existed pre-Israel, she really lost it. Unfortunately my phone shut off and I did not get the Israeli women who claimed that Israel was the one who refused the partition plan because we wanted war with the Arabs. I tried to get her name to have her repeat her ludicrous claims afterwards but she naturally refused.

I then met a guy with another left wing, self hating organization that was there specifically to catch any Jews who bangs on Arab doors. The problem is not that they wanted to catch these vandals, the problem was they were spreading libels against the tens of thousands of people there as if they were involved in a crime that simply did not happen yet! They were there not to cover the event but to cover the person who is misbehaving and they made it perfectly clear that they were indeed generalizing.

Why is this important to see?

It is important to see because today’s war is an information war and it must be known that we have people from within who are simply misinformed and causing tremendous harm to Israel. We must not be silent! We must stand up and shout the truth.

Talking about shouting, my blood was boiling! How could Jews act like this and side with our enemies?



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  1. Ignorance has to do with the problems we are facing nowadays, liberals are also destroying the west. People in the States no longer have a since of pride cause of the Liberals and their negative constant rants against America. We are faced with much difficulties in the future cause of misinformation that continues to bring out the worse in people and be the driving force behind Terrorists etc.. They are cowards which have no clue what they are siding with. All you have to look is to the history Of Islam up to now, Iraqi Christians slaughtered/in Africa etc.. Christians are being murdered by the same people that the Liberals support!

  2. What these Liberals have no clue about is that Israel is the only place in the middle East where you have all religions living side by side, Arabs in Government/teachers/doctors/etc.. Also they have no clue about the history ! Israel even helped out Syrians at the border that were wounded, they provided healthcare free! Also provided the Palestinians aid even though they were being attacked by them, Wake up folks, this is a hot mess created by hateful ignorant people!

  3. Tracey Schaefer If you mean live there. I do live there. I live here in Israel. And I walk around Damascus gate with a Kippa and I'm scared. I'm not sure what has to do with justifying hooliganims. I understand why Israelis are angry. But understanding doesn't mean it is justified.

  4. All the leftists including their leaders should have a catscan. Their brains are tainted with whatever sickness due probably to "foreign elements" . They do not behave as normal humans, rather as goyims who have been fed tref which desequilibrate with results they show. We would have to make a universal collection of funds to ship them to their beloved arab countries where they will enjoy life.

  5. it is great to see Sarah Puddle-Flinger being confronted. she needs a good tongue-lashing for always showing sympathy for the enemy while continually trying to demonize religious Jews when the enemy would gladly stab her and her children to death if given half a chance.

  6. I also live here. And I have attended many such events. I have never ever seen Jews attacking Arabs. Arabs attacked us. Leftists, both local and American, attacked us, but I never ever saw a Jewish demonstrators to attack Arabs first. If you walk around Damascus gate with a kippah on your head and you are afraid of Jews … dude, you need a professional help.

  7. Once again Robby Berman proves the lack of integrity of liberals and their own disdain for an entire population of Jews. 70,000 people danced through the streets of Jerusalem without incident and Robby does not have the integrity to admit he was wrong? It was because of the Police and stairs? Are you serious! Do you have such a deep hatred and belief that people wanting to celebrate Jerusalem are evil that you can't admit the parade was simply beautiful this year?
    Your attempt to continue to stain an entire population that did absolutely nothing is infuriating. You bring in a video from last year of 50 kids screaming at the Arab press while tens of thousands of Jews behind them are enjoying the day and then you use that video to make a conclusion about people celebrating this year although they were not involved last year and were doing nothing this year. That is a gross generalization and what seems to be utter bigotry.

    You wrote in your post above, "Here is the video I took last year of Jewish Orthodox Israeli hooligans" Of course if I I wrote that about Arabs or Muslims you would be up in arms. You don't believe me? Let me refresh your memory.
    Let me tell everyone a little story about Robby that will show just how far his hypocrisy goes.
    This past year Robby published on Facebook that he is looking to sneak an Arab into Efrat to work even though the Arab was refused security clearance. In other words, Robby was looking to break the law, even when it came to security issues, in order to help an Arab.
    Just to clarify, we in Efrat have many Arabs who work and the security (which I happen to be on) does background checks on everyone who comes in.

    Now, Robby, would you like to see videos of Arab terrorist attacks from yesterday, last week, last month, last year?! If a video from last year of 50 kids screaming is enough for you to bash 70,000 people this year then surely 50 videos of terrorist attacks would be enough for you NOT to break the law and breach security in my town!

    I want to thank you Robby for helping me once again expose the utter hypocrisy of the left in Israel. It seems for some reason that you are all fired up to help Arabs, even when it is a security issue, but Jews dancing through Jerusalem makes your blood boil…
    Who needs enemies?

  8. Thank you for not confusing liberals with leftists. Liberals love and support Israel. I know because I am one of those many liberals. I can not fathom why any Jew would wish their fellow Jews to lose the one tiny piece of land that is ours in the whole wide world. And that they would side with those who wish us dead, this I can not wrap my mind around. BTW, I don't believe all Arabs are our enemies because I know too many who are Zionists.

  9. Are you really for REAL? Have you lived in an Arab country or been able to visit one? Would you explain why one million Jews were dispossed of their wealth and kicked out from those countries? US Liberal Jews brought to power not always sympathetic leaders to Jews and Israel. Roosevelt shut the doors to refugees from nazi camps and sent them back to their deaths in Germany. Wants more? Read latest history from erudite politicos.

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