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PM Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yaalon.

I had a bad feeling on Friday afternoon, after reading an IDF twitter post on Facebook. Usually, these posts include the kind of sanitized, politically correct, “please love me” messages that explain how Israel endangers its own soldiers to preserve “civilian” life. On other occasions these posts actually include military information that we want to read about, such as the number of terrorists killed, or large arms caches that have been captured. This particular post featured a graphic which indicated that (so far) Israel has discovered 30 tunnels, destroyed 30-40% of the rockets, and killed over 240 terrorists. By itself, this was good information. What set my alarm off was what was written beneath the graphic. The following message:



Israel Defense Forces

Earlierthis month, we began a mission to weaken Hamas terrorists in Gaza. We are succeeding.

Warning bells went off. A foreshadowing that Netanyahu may finally be cracking under relentless pressure from Obama and Kerry. A post like this has sort of a wrapping up quality to it. Like an Operation Protective Edge debriefing for the world. “Earlier this month….” 

As soon as Shabbat was over, I immediately checked the news and was glad to read that the entire Israeli Cabinet rejected the most recent attempt to force a ceasefire on us. Baruch Hashem that there is still some sanity among us. Of course I was immediately dismayed to read that Netanyahu is considering a 12 hour humanitarian ceasefire, at the behest of the U.N.

Perhaps 12 hours is enough time for the U.N.  to help  Hamas replenish their stock?

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to  the soldiers of the IDF for their tremendous self-sacrifice against these barbarians. None of what I write is a criticism of their noble heroic work. The true non-politically motivated military leadership  would like nothing better than to finally take off the gloves and go old school on Hamas.

Certain politicians are another thing altogether. To be sure there are the Feiglin’s and Bennett’s, (just to name a few) who are calling for even harsher measures against Hamas. They should be applauded. But Netanyahu’s cronies are another thing altogether.

  • They are denying our troops the kind of cover they need, out of fear of harming the citizens who voted for Hamas. How many of our murdered soldiers would still be alive had they been given full protection?
  • The government has no ultimate objective. Netanyahu has no intention of liberating Gaza and returning the Jewish people to their communities. This would be the logical step to finally gain control of the region. But under the current leadership, the goal is simply to weaken Hamas, without specifying what constitutes weakening. They have done this before. And each successive time Hamas returns stronger. They are a much more formidable force than they were during Operation Cast Lead.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Remember that Netanyahu was reticent about sending in the ground troops in the first place. Hamas forced his hand. Which means that had things gone as he’d hoped, the entire network of underground tunnels in Gaza would still remain intact.

  1. What does the word mean for Israel? One sided lulls in fighting for Hamas to re-arm and reassemble. A time for Hamas to recruit more terrorists and commit more acts of terror throughout Israel. Perhaps more kidnappings. The fact that Hamas is pushing for a temporary ceasefire shows that they are beginning to hemorrhage. Now is the time to drive forward like a boxer ready to deliver the KO. A ceasefire means that instead of dealing Hamas the well deserved death blow, this will become just another mini-war in a series of wars.

Hamas is using a war tactic that originated in early Islam. In Islam, there is no such thing as peace with accursed dhimmis, as the Muslims refer to us infidels. Historically, when times were good, the dhimmi had the right of a mistreated dog or donkey. When times were rough (and they often were), Islamic barbarity equaled anything we Jews experienced under christendom. The notion of making peace with the dhimmi is anathema to Islam.


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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.


  1. Let me tell you one thing that is, of course, the mere eternal truth about ISRAEL => No country…no terrorist group typically like Hamas…no individuals…can eliminate or destroy The Promise Land ISRAEL on our planet…!!! The terrorist group like Hamas will never be ready to peace because terror &/or terrorism is their job…with this people the logic of moral & moral value doesn’t work !!! They, rather, shall return their evil eyes away from this Beautiful Little Country of The Heroic People = ISRAEL…!!! Long Live & I Really Love U ISRAEL…!!! We r always with U !!! & God may bless ISRAEL unconditionally….!!!! Just Go, IDF, the Marine of ISRAEL & IAF, & try to totally dismantle each & every tunnels made by the terrorist Hamas…it must totally destructed now…because this is the right time & opportunity to do so…& to make relatively ISRAEL safe for the years to come…!!!

  2. Terrorst. Hesbollah Jihadist Hamas Buko Abusayaf, check the time you waisting all time money life home businesses. If you want to wars the world please to find another planets in outer space that youll live in. Theres a planet like earth go on there. Nasa will find it for you to leave. Otherwise the earth whole have peace no wars. You much comforted there to living. I think all scientist made a spacecraft for you. Abbas @ Friends should supporting this.

  3. VIOLENCE is a CULTURE in Islam; a DNA running from one muslim fanatic to another, in thought, words and actions. This violence is genetically, transfered from one generation to another. As one generation comes up, so, it becomes more violent than the former, causing commotion and war in the world. This makes me doubt the sanctity and conscience of this ‘RELIGION OF PEACE’. May God forbid!!!

  4. look to the new world vampire what did they do to these children they are killing children and old men they are realy the new face of terror on the world also belive me lots of your soldiers shots themselves because they are afraid to go gaza

  5. If someone worst comes as US says then we fight and stop them too. We must fight the good fight for the good people of the world. Or if we surrender to terrorist we will all be ruled by terrorist. We must never give up to terror.

  6. For those who think Islam is invulnerable because God is with it, think again, God is with his people, all of them Christian and Jew but he will let Evil bring suffering until He comes again, Islam fall is a sign. It will eventually fall it needs more than lip service for the holding action it is fighting. Does any one Remember to pray and how about demanding our governments send REAL SUPORT TO IT AND STOP ENABLING THE TERRORIST WHO IS ISLAM.

  7. All the religion have killings and fighting. Even Hinduism, Christian,Judaism, Sikhism,But Islam doesn’t tell to kill innocent people. Also its tell if you kill a single human bein its like killed a himanty.

  8. Allah the (almighty) don’t worship anything Else without Allah. His one And only. His your god anf My god. He have Sent his massanger All people All nations. Ibrahim,David, Moses,Jesus, and Muhammad is the last messenger. Accept Allah ane his massanger. They was bring you tge peace. We Muslims accept the All Massanger why you can’t accept. ?

  9. If the early missionary christains had made disciples in nations than members the errors that sets in both christainity circles and worse from Islam wont be here today.our actions affect other people good or bad

  10. The muslims sees it a big taboo to be ruled by a non anywhere they find themselves they bargain for the upper hand in leadership.they wont allow their women to marry christain men but their men can marry and convert christain women.when their fellow convert to a christain they are threaten with death much divisiveness.

  11. We Christian Conservatives in the USA raised a loud clarion call to warn Israel about the MUSLIM in the WH and his close associates……………… Sad that it took so long for you dear friends to hear US.

  12. We Christian Conservatives in the USA raised a loud clarion call to warn Israel about the MUSLIM in the WH and his close associates……………… Sad that it took so long for you dear friends to hear US.

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