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Thousands call on the government to prevent the evacuation of Amona.

I visited my friends tonight in Amona –  David and Manya.  Manya is the daughter of Rabbi David Zeller, her devoted father who died 7 years ago.  I have known Manya her whole life, ever since she was a little girl growing up in Efrat.

There was an unusual peace in their home this evening, with all of their children coming and going, all knowing that the government and army of Israel plan to expel them from their kind home,  because the permits for building Amona  issued twenty years ago were challenged by constituent agencies of the New Israel Fund.


Not because the NIF wants justice for the Arabs in their specious claim to the land.

Instead, NIF imperiously decided that  Jews who live in Judea or Samaria are an impediment  to peace with the PLO , which does not hide the fact that it remains in a state of full war with Israel.

The PLO, through its proxy, the Palestinian Authority, promises no peace will be on the horizon until all of Palestine is liberated.

Politically correct media have difficulty reporting that reality.

Normally, if there is a retroactive problem of housing permits for a community, the community pays a fine through arbitration and that is that.

Instead, the government of Israel follows the lead of the NIF and is set to destroy the homes that belong to David and Manya and forty other families, in a carefully  planned military operation , ready to march 40 families with 200 children out of Amona , while destroying their homes in the process , with nowhere to go but a temporary student dorm.

Yet the government  Israel, which bears full responsibility for the bureaucratic entanglement  of Amona, holds out no carefully planned operation as to what to do with 40 families and 200 children as they plan to expel them from their homes.

The current government of Israel instead ascribes to  a cold, crass and inhuman decision of the Israel High Court of Justice which for some reason takes precedence over continuity of life for a peaceful Jewish community.

The Jewish people remain responsible for one another.

This is not a time for Jews to be silent. The phone numbers, e-mails and faxes are publicly listed.

IF 1,000 people in Israel and abroad who read this blog were each to organize  10 people before Shabbat to protest the Israel’s latest “Project  Removal”,  with direct communications with Israeli government spokespeople, this would have an effect.

Advice: Stay calm and do not lose your cool when you communicate with elected officials.

Sound reasonable. All you ask is that the government of Israel not bulldoze a Jewish community in Israel for no reason.

If anyone objects to you calling on a Friday, remind them that reliable sources indicate that the Israeli government and the IDF may conduct expulsions from Amona on  Saturday night, so you can  think of no better time to contact them except the hours before the Shabbat in

Here are the publicly available contact lists for all officials of  the Israeli government and the Israeli Knesset and their assistants.



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