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If you don’t know who’s behind The terror in your mind The answer’s not hard to find, Blame the Jews

How to Handle Financial Infidelity

Marriage is not just about emotional fidelity but about financial fidelity as well.

Score! No B-BALL BdS!

It's the 4th time in 5 years Maccabi Haifa has traveled to America to play against NBA competition.

Mahmud loves Moral

The media dumped on the "Lehava" people as extremist - racist and should mind their own business.

Visual Aids That Make you Want to Scream!

If they weren't true they would be funny!

The Best idea I’ve Heard So far…

Professor Aumann: Instead of hitting the opponent... step back and allow the opponent to hit himself

To My Facebook Friends: “I Apologize!”

Jews do not go quietly to their deaths anymore.That confuses those who wax nostalgic.

Build the Beit HaMikdash!

This model follows the Rambam’s description in Hilchos Beis HaBechirah; set to a scale of 1mm to one cubit.

OU Solidarity Mission – Epilogue and Afterthoughts

Here in Israel there are the many who load up their cars with food, and drink and candy and books to deliver them to soldiers and communities in the south.

Linking Battlefield and Yeshiva

Please, the Yeshiva boys should pray and study more and harder for this endangered young soldier!

“If I knew him I might love him.”

The beauty of a Jew is his relationship to other Jews and his involvement with Medinat Yisrael.

A Minyan of the Dead

A ceasefire not only gives Hamas a victory, it will destroy the morale of the IDF and the country.

Don’t Be A Dhimmi! No Surrender!

In Islam, there is no such thing as peace with accursed dhimmis as the Muslims refer to us infidels.

Transfer: Still The Only Solution

Rabbi Kahane spoke of transfer, because it was what the Torah spoke of.

Holding On: A Poem by Alexandra Gross

And he whispers one last time, I love you mother.

Where are the American Zionists?

Why aren't American Jews coming s to Israel for the summer; Are they scared because of the war?

Listen to Them Howl!

Not asking the world for the right to defend ourselves; such a right is obvious to anyone with a spine.

Time To Crush Hamas

One wishes the PA would distance itself completely from Hamas now for the sake of peace and development in the region.

Shelter From the Storm

Israel will never be the underdog, so no defense will be legitimized.

Operation Protective Edge Your Way Around

It's called Operation Protective Edge and is a double-edged sword.

Suggestions for the 17th of Tammuz

Suggestion: Along with not eating and drinking let us "fast" today from other indulgences...

“Disproportionate Response,” Anti-Semitism’s Latest Keyword

The term “Disproportionate Response” is becoming the latest anti-Semitic keyword.

Contentions Why Gaza Doesn’t Have Bomb Shelters

One of the key talking points by apologists for Hamas in the current conflict is that it isn’t fair that Israelis under fire have...

How To Bring The War To Hamas

Expecting the IDF to mount a ground attack against Hamas in Gaza? There may be a better approach...

Operation Tsuk Eitan: “Under Siege”

No human casualties; over 1million citizens under siege.What if it were Mexico attacking the US?


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