Photo Credit: Miriam Alster / Flash 90

I am trying to get my head around why Black Lives Matter feels that associating with the Palestinian struggle helps their cause. Would BLM feel the same way about the Tibetan people whose culture was erased by China or by Iran oppressing its people?


The Fairfax area in L.A. where many Jews have small businesses was looted and burnt by people shouting “fuck the Jews”.  Korea Town was also looted and burnt but no one was shouting fuck the Koreans. It was all business, if you can call it business for small time crooks to use a civil rights struggle to rip off storekeepers. One would think that BLM organizers would have apologized to the Jews for the disgusting racism. No apology was forthcoming.

Most Americans don’t spend a moment thinking about Iran hanging gay boys or North Korea forcing starving people to eat their kin. So why the Palestinians? What’s the attraction? What contribution did the Palestinians make to help the blacks gain the vote? Two Jewish boys died trying to help Mississippi’s blacks register to vote. How many Arabs gave their lives?

The irony is that up until recently, Arabs in the Middle East kept African slaves. According to the Australian Institute of International Affairs there is widespread slavery today by countries utilizing the kalafa system. Here is what the Institute says: “The Middle East and North Africa region is a volatile breeding ground for modern slavery. With government policies that promote the kafala system exploiting workers’ rights and allow forced marriages to become the cultural norm, it is important to look at how they are holding the region back from achieving its development potential.” One would think these actions Would alienate African Americans from this culture not motivate them to embrace it. These countries are oppressing their own people. It is not being imposed by Jews.

The bottom line is that the Palestinian Arabs have done nothing to assist the African American struggle. What they have done is to appropriate the struggle to bring attention to their own situation. The Palestinians are skilled victims and know a good opportunity when they see it. Blaming Jews for their ills has been in the Islamic playbook for 1000 years.

Convincing black Americans that Jews are to blame for everything that has gone wrong including slavery, besides being a total lie is unbecoming to black Americans whose dignity is required to achieve their rightful place in America. Hating Jews will taint their struggle though it appears to be a prosperous activity for professional Jews haters like Louis Farrakhan whose influence seems to have poisoned BLM.


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