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Rena Solomon

President, Angel in a Hummer


Dear Miss Solomon,

I have just read about your claim that Israel uses Palestinian children to test their drugs. This would shortcut the usual protocol which demands that researchers first test on mice or rats, then if the tests are successful, request permission to test on control groups, giving half the group placebos, and the other half the real drugs. Leave it to the Jews to shortcut this procedure and go right to the control group.

This outrageous human rights violation reminds me of the Pakistani Sheikh who after intense research came to the conclusion that Pakistani health workers travelling around the mountainous areas of Pakistan administering Polio vaccines were really injecting children with an Israel substance that neutered children. His prescription was to kill the health workers.

Miss Solomon, I can confirm that while the Israelis did not kill any of their subjects , they did administer drugs to incarcerated Palestinian children.

I am a research assistant with an unnamed Pharmaceutical company. We were working with Israeli scientists on a project to change brain chemistry. We injected our drug into the brains of Palestinian child prisoners and after several weeks noted the following results.

Each patient had a marked increase in IQ. All the children enrolled in university courses and graduated ahead of other, older prisoners. We basically engineered a master race.

One would think that the Jewish experience with a master race would have made us cautious, but there you go, some people never learn from experience.

Thanks for bringing this outrage to our attention.

Respectfully yours,

Lawrence C. Shapiro,