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Palestinian Arabs in Hebron attempted to lynch five religious Jews from the U.S., tourists who mistakenly entered the Arab side of the city.

Last night, five American Yeshiva students made a wrong turn and entered into the PA-controlled area of Hebron. At which point the savage Arabs of Hebron tried to lynch them, simply because they were Jews.

At least two of the Americans were injured and their car was completely torched.


But one Arab man, Faiz Abu-Hamadya (51) stood apart from his neighbors and saved the Jews, bringing them into his home until Israeli security forces could extricate them.

That man deserves all our praise.

He is nothing less than a Tzaddik (righteous person) in Sodom.

Faiz Abu-Hamadya gave an interview in Makor Rishon, and these are the details of what happened:
He heard screams and went outside and yelled to the five to run to his house. When they got to his house he gave them water, called the police and sent one of his sons to run to the army post and get the army.
He speaks a few words in Hebrew, enough to calm them down. He works with Jews in Be’er Sheva.
When asked if he wasn’t afraid the mob would attack his house, he said he did the humanitarian thing, and what was done to the five was evil. He added, we have to live together, so that everyone has work and that everyone can live as they should.


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  1. I fear for this good man. I hope that something is done to protect him from these savages. What he did is something that ordinarily would be considered 'the right thing to do' and he did it. But for this man who lives there It is a huge mitzva. He risked his life to save these tourists. There are the righteous among the Arabs, also. Take that into consideration when Israel-Arab relationship is discussed.

  2. take a look inward at what mohamed's armies did to all its neighbouring lands. or is that too much to ask from you? you're doing what your people know how to do best – point the blame everywhere but at yourselves. muslims are not perfect as you would have us believe. your ideology is the cause of more death and suffering in the world than any other in the history of humanity. yet you are ready to point your finger anywhere else but at your own culture/religion/idelogy. YES – I AM TALKING ABOUT ISLAM.

  3. Faiz Abu-Hamadiyah should get all the benefits of living in Israel, including a special medal of honor and a trip to a beautiful Eilat hotel. The monsters who tried to lynch these Yeshiva students should be deported from Israel into Gaza, their houses should be blown up and bank accounts confiscated and given to Faiz.

  4. Your analogy, comparing to Sodom and Gomorrah is fitting – not only for the desert of humanitariansim amongst to many Arabs, BUT HERE WAS ONE RIGHTEOUS GOOD MAN. The G-d of Heaven sees, and so do we. May he be blessed – this man of conscience.

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