Photo Credit: Gaza: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90 | US Embassy: Hillel Meier / TPS
Gaza and the US Embassy in Jerusalem Split Screen

A lot of pundits and politicians were complaining about the split screen images being shown last week in the mainstream media as they reported on the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem. On one side we saw the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem, but on the other half of the screen we saw the IDF using deadly force to defend Israel’s border with Gaza from Hamas.

There’s no question that the goal of those media outlets was to embarass the Trump administration and make Israel look bad — that the US and Israel were celebrating while Gazans were being killed (intentionally ignoring that Hamas was responsible for those deaths).


But that’s only one way to look at it.

My wife pointed out the other way those split screen images could be viewed, which is the way those images were interpreted in Iran and the Arab world (watch a little Al Jazeera to confirm that).

Both images on that split screen showed an Israeli victory.

On one side of the screen was a diplomatic victory for Israel. The most powerful country in the world, the U.S., was showing respect to the state of Israel.

On the other side of the screen was Israel’s military victory against Hamas. Hamas utterly failed to penetrate the border, while Israel showed it has no compunctions against taking whatever steps necessary to protect her border.

In Iran and the Arab world, all they saw were Israeli victories on both sides of that split screen.

And from where I stand, that’s a good image and a good message for them to see.


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