Photo Credit: Syrian army soldier
Syrian army soldiers hold up part of an Israeli missile. May 10, 2018

The IDF set down new rules of engagement with last night’s response to the failed Iranian missile strike on Israel. Iranian al Qods forces launched 30 missiles at Israel from Syria – four of which were shot down by Israel, and the rest fell short.

Israel, it is believed, has been destroying Iran’s more advanced missiles in Syria as they arrive, preemptively as well, right before they were about to be used to attack Israel.


In the past, the IDF might have taken a different approach to last night’s attack .

The message we here in Israel seemed to have been getting from Iran was that Iran needed to hit us back a little bit, after we hit their bases in Syria, to save face.

In the past, the IDF has overlooked some Hamas and Hezbollah’s attacks to avoid escalating the situation with them, either by responding minimally, hitting open spaces or not responding at all.

But last night, the IDF sent a clear message to both Iran and Syria that this is no longer Israel’s policy (assuming it even could have after 30 missiles).

Israel would now view any attack on Israel, as well as Iran’s continued military presence in Syria as a full-scale act-of-war and will act with unrestrained force to defuse that threat and respond to any attacks.

This was an open message to Lebanon, if Hezbollah gets involved, the rules of the game have already changed, and Lebanon will be bombed mercilessly.

This was a message to the Iranian regime, that specifically their troops in Syria will be targeted and eliminated.

It even follows up with our message to Gaza, that Israel will consider kite bombs operators as terrorists and eliminate them with drones.

This isn’t a game of chicken, PM Netanyahu and DM Liberman aren’t bluffing. The choice is in Iran’s hands, either stand down, or it’s all out war.

Statistically speaking, if Iran launches enough missiles, at some point, some will get through.

And if that happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel even hits Iran directly.


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