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A well-known blogger has been known to point out that certain segments of American Jewry love to dish out criticism of Israel, but then run to their safe rooms when Israelis (rarely) give them some “tough love” back in return.

Netanyahu Throws Deputy FM Under Bus over ‘Offensive Remarks’ Against US Jews


Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipy Hotovely tried to explain why she thinks Americans and Israelis have very different world views on so many key issues related to Israel — which she explained is due to the very different life circumstances under which each community lives.

But apparently, her choice of words managed to insult that segment of Americans to the point where PM Netanyahu felt he had to condemn her statements and she had to (sort of) retract them.

You can debate the merits of her argument and whether they are correct or not — in fact, they should be debated, because we need to pinpoint the real core problems (how about that rampant assimilation?).

But typically, politicians aren’t the ones able to make such statements, and certainly they shouldn’t say them off the cuff, on never on a TV show that only grants them a few minutes of talking time.


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