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Jordan can be Palestine

We have reached our breaking points. There are murders and attempted murders almost every day. We try to make agreements, to improve their living conditions, to use the minimum amount of force necessary to protect ourselves. We knock on roofs, shoot rubber bullets, issue work permits, dismantle communities because there is a claim of Palestinian ownership, approve the same building plans over and over without building. They kill Jews.

Goodbye, Rav Elon

And then the news hit this week. Once again, allegations surfaced. Only this time, I would have to admit and finally accept with a heavy heart, that I could no longer see him as a teacher of Torah.

Inspiration from Zion: Meet the Maccabees: My Nation forever, Israel

And because his was a life of symbolism, his parents gave him a name that means everything: Ami-ad Israel--My Nation forever, Israel.

Nishbar Li–I’ve had Enough, I Won’t Take it Anymore.

Uniformed soldiers were nearby, but they aimed and fired at the pregnant woman. Do I need to add anything? This is who (or what) the Palestinian Arabs are

Important Message from an IDF Soldier

The soldier asked to publicize to Am Yisrael that we are stronger than our enemies and that it is a miracle that he is alive.

PLEASE Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Haven’t We Jews Suffered Enough?

Why is she picking on us? Can’t she claim to be a fake Cherokee like Elizabeth Warren, or fake her race like Rachel Doležal?

Was Kahane right?

Nobody in Jewish Israel wants to say that the ideal of coexistence with the 20% of our population that are Arabs is unobtainable, that we are getting farther away from it as time goes by rather than closer. But that’s how it seems today.

Blame the Jews

In the age of intersectionality, it is taken as a given that racism against blacks in the US and “oppression” of Palestinians by Israel are similar phenomena, and that opposition to one kind of oppression demands opposition to all. This analogy is embarrassingly stupid.

Emes Ve-Emunah: A Breathtaking Distortion of Chanukah and Judaism

Chanukah is not a holiday about our violent intolerance of others as Binyamin Zahav seems to suggest. It is a holiday of freedom from anti religious tyranny imposed by a kingdom bent on eradicating our faith and traditions.

Inspiration from Zion:: From the Maccabees to the IDF: 6 Things you NEED to...

Hanukah is a celebration of Jewish nationalism (which does not exist without God) and not a holiday of religious holiness although there are some prayers that are specifically associated with Hanukah. It similar to celebrating Israel’s Independence Day which also commemorates the victory of a tiny group of stubborn Jews fighting for sovereignty and freedom, against an enemy much more powerful and well equipped and – by the grace of God – WINNING.

The Light of Chanukah

And now the flame still burns, though it is flickering. Sixty-eight years is a long time for oil to burn, especially when the black oil next door seems so much more useful to the empires and republics across the sea. And the children of many of those who first lit the flame no longer see the point in that hoary old light.

SJP- Students for Justice in Palestine or Systematic Jewish Persecution?

SJP’s #1 unity goal is “ending Israel’s occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall”. In laments terms, SJP wants Israel removed/to diseapear/be destroyed (you can chose which one sounds the nicest)

Hannukah Starts Tonight So Here’s 18 Differences Between Chanukah & Christmas

Put on your yarmulke, Here comes Chanukah; So much funukah, To celebrate Chanukah; Chanukah is the festival of lights: Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights

It’s Gelt. It’s Gold. It’s Chanukah

{Originally posted to the author's blog} As received from the Israel Antiquities Authority: Hanukkah Gelt: A cache of rare gold coins and a 900 year old gold...

Fight anti-Semitism at Home, not at your Neighbor’s

There is no sign that anti-Semitism will decline anytime soon, so there is every reason to increase our efforts in fighting it. And for each of us, that means attacking it at home, not at the neighbor’s home.

Be Harrison Ford, not Woody Allen

Recently Israel allowed herself to be humiliated by Hamas, which burned thousands of acres of her fields and forests, and then launched the most intense rocket bombardment in Israel’s history. Our response, bombing unoccupied military targets, was tactically significant but psychologically impotent. The Jew-haters were gratified, because the Jews lived up to the stereotype: powerful and controlling, and yet at the same time weaklings who are afraid to fight.

So You Think You Know What Hanukkah Is All About. Think Again

Chanukah is a holiday about Jews fighting against assimilation a lesson which needs to be reinforced over and over here in the galut (diaspora). The holiday and candles are also a reminder that in Judaism, the light of God begins in the home lit by the observance of a single family unit, and just like the Chanukiah (Menorah) that light is supposed to radiate from the home to the community and eventually throughout the world.

Emes Ve-Emunah; Rav Avrohom Chaim Levin, ZTL

Rav Levine was a Gadol. He exemplified the Midah of Emes and he openly stood his ground on principles in which he believed - even when challenged.

Caravan=Holocaust? NO WAY Because FDR Was Most Bigoted President In US History

Roosevelt failed to take relatively simple measures that would have saved significant numbers of Jews during the Holocaust because his vision for America was one that had a small number of Jews.

I am a Jew. Plain and simple

No matter what kind of Jew you are, we have more in common than the trappings that divide us

Another Battle in Israel’s Culture War

The fact that such a measure is seriously thought to be needed is an indication of the furious political/culture war that is being waged in Israel today, between a small avant-garde of academics, artists, and media people, and the rest of Israeli society.

Black Supremacists Terrorize New York Jews

If “white Christians” invented anti-Semitism, white American Christians appear to be terrible at it. The ADL’s own surveys show black anti-Semitism as being 2 to 3 times higher than average.
A Jewish boy wearing a kippa and holding an Israeli flag in Hebron.

Airbnb’s VERY Idiotic Decision

Airbnb titles its decision “Listings in Disputed Regions”, but it mentions one and only one “region”, which it calls “Israeli settlements in the West Bank”. Apparently, the Airbnb “experts” are not aware of other disputed regions that Airbnb still services


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