Energy minister Yuval Steinitz created a headline this week when he was quoted as saying, “I eat hametz on Passover”.
He had to keep a low profile after that admission.

There was a time when this was not a situation one had to wiggle out of but a part pf the proud ‘Red” flag held high by those who ruled Israel for fifty years (before and after the establishment of the state).
The current controversy over the actions of sergeant Elor Azaria, the soldier charged with manslaughter for killing a subdued Arab terrorist, is another sign that the times, they are a changing. As soon as he finished off the wounded but potentially threatening terrorist in Hebron, the military and political establishment proclaimed that a very serious infraction was committed and will be investigated and prosecuted rigorously.
The film taken by the EU funded. pro Palestinian NGO, Betzelem, catapulted the establishment and media into the usual knee jerk frenzy of breast pounding and self flagellation: ‘What will the world say? How do we look in the eyes of such a caring, concerned world…?’


The Jewish public felt differently. Polls show that two thirds of them support the soldier, who was immediately arrested and put into chains.
PM Netanyahu, like many politicians know how to smell the political winds and in the wake of the immediate public fury promptly made a call to the soldier’s father explaining that he too is the father of a soldier and understands….

He and minister of education Bennet got into a sharp exchange over rumored plans to relinquish security control of parts of “area A” from where waves of terror had emanated before Israel allowed herself a free hand there. Israel is toying with the idea of giving the PA another chance-to please the caring world.
Opposition MK Lieberman also continues his attacks on the PM for his less than resolute actions vis-a-vis the Hamas tunnel threat from Gaza.

It was not only the Right that was heard this week. Opposition leader Herzog said that the Labor party is seen by too many Israelis as ‘Arab lovers’ (true) and that “we must set the record straight that we are not for our enemies.”

This was very interesting. The Labor party of Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, and Rabin, never openly sought Arab support. It was not what they were about then. However as the Right came to power they sought a wider base and began a continual slide away from their classic Zionist stand to a more “liberal” one. This did indeed attract Arab voters and MKs (one, MK Balul who said that “the Arabs who attacked the soldiers in Hebron were not terrorists but were fighting an illegal occupation”).

The Jewish population has increasingly given up on Labor. “Left” is becoming a nasty word in Israel (thanks to the Oslo fantasy/addiction and it’s consequences.) Poor Herzog. He is under attack from his party Left stalwarts and still the Jewish majority just do not trust or like those “Arab lovers.”
Polls taken this week indicate that two thirds of Israeli support sergeant Elor Azaria and interestingly enough, another poll showed equal numbers of Jews who do not eat chametz on Pesach. The groups are probably identical. They are the ones more likely to spend the holiday in Israel than abroad. The ones seeking chametz abroad are mostly the ‘1.7 children and a dog population.’

There is indeed a palpable shift in the demographics of Israel. Now all we need is a true leader to channel this awakening of common sense and self respect to a clear direction.

This too will happen , God willing.

Happy Holiday of Freedom to all.


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Shalom Pollack, a veteran Israeli tour guide, served in the Israeli Navy and lectures on the Mideast.


  1. Well said, Shalom! I support the soldier-kid! If he made a p.c. error in judgement as to whether the terrorist was sufficiently subdued, the soldier is just 19 and walked into a terror situation WHICH HE HAD NOT PLANNED. There are movies about people who are able to re-play their actions (e.g. "About Time"). If we could all re-play certain situations in our lives, or what we said to the boss, or a vehicle accident. When making a sudden and crucial decision, do we always get it right, or p.c.? No, we sometimes mis-judge. Because we are human!!

    For a 19 year old kid to be charged WITH MANSLAUGHTER, potential 20 years, for neutralizing a TERRORIST who had all the time to plan his actions, and who had only one motive in mind – murder of as many Jews as possible – NO WORDS EXCEPT, TO QUOTE BIBI, THERE IS NO MORAL EQUIVALENCE!!

  2. Kissing up to bullies never helps, and our "caring world" are bullies who use smiles and gentle words to stab Jews in the back. If Israel showed backbone and determination to act against Arab agression the world might respect her again. And if not, so what? They already don't like us.

  3. I would say that netanyahu is a true leader but the government is too fragmented and ununifed, making it very difficult for the prime minister to effectively do his job. The only choice for us would be a king descended from the line of the mighty King Doris

  4. I fully agree.
    We are living in historic times and we are on the verge where the modern Nation of Israel can again gain freedom and sovereignty from those who seek to harm and destroy it from all over the world.
    But the actual leader's personality is less important that the unity and rebuilt mutual responsibility of the Nation.
    No leader can achieve anything without a fully united, committed Nation supporting from behind.
    And we don't need to wait for politicians to start such a process it is our personal responsibility to revive the legendary Jewish mutual guarantee above diversity, differences even despite unfounded hatred.

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