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PM Netanyahu seated next to State Attorney Avichai Mandleblit

{Originally posted to the author’s Shiloh Musings website}

What the Left, International Left to be exact, couldn’t achieve in legal elections, they are doing by inventing crimes. My complaints about Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu are that he hasn’t used his legal official position as PM to fully annex all the Land we liberated in the 1967 Six Days War, and he tries to please the world rather than act as a proud Jew. Bibi’s attempts to be Centrist weaken the State of Israel. I want him to be a David not a Saul*. But these trumped up charges against Bibi are a coup, just like he claims.


I have no doubt that the funding, backing mentoring for Gantz’s Blue and White Party can be traced to the same international Leftist conspirators who brought Obama to the US Presidency and funded the “anyone but Bibi” groups, V15 etc ad nausuem. Now, that’s really illegal, but the judicial here and almost everywhere are terribly politically Left leaning.

This anti-Netanyahu coup is not only dangerous for the State of Israel, but it’s dangerous for the world. There’s no objective “truth and justice. ” They’ve colored everything, spent the last century effectively taking over universities and media all over the world.

Someday it will just be chapter in World History, but it’s hard to live through it knowing what we know.

Gd is The True Judge and can override everything.

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