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Seems Obama "Loved" Sderot when he was running to be Pres.

In recent years until just now, part of the right of passage for those running to be running for the United States Presidency made a point of visiting Israel, claiming sympathy and support and always promised to recognize Jerusalem as Capital and other such lies. And of course they have great and moving speeches written for the occasion. And Israeli politicians and most of the public become all enthusiastic and enamored. And with those running and competing to get the Republican nomination, especially considering the now very chilly/frigid statements coming from the Obama White House we had been certain that we’d be entertaining lots of Republican hopefuls.

But all of a sudden the two Republican front-runners, the two most unlikely candidates, Donald Trump and Ben Carson both canceled their trips to Israel. Has Israel lost its luster, or have the wannabes begun to realize that no matter what they say here, they’re going to anger a lot of people? It would be like walking through a minefield or a park where dogs leave their “droppings.”

Ben Carson
Donald Trump

In a sense I am very happy that we’re being spared the circus of candidates, promises and lies. The American Presidential race should not be about Israel. The United States is a country with enough of its own problems, especially economics and security. The United States desperately needs a President who can solve those problems and give a better future for Americans than the forecast shows now.

And Israel’s problems won’t and can’t be solved by the USA!

This week’s Parshat Shavua, Torah Portion of the Week is “Vayigash…” “And he (Judah) approached…” In Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ recent book, “Lessons in Leadership,” he describes Judah as a surprise/unlikely leader, who had been written off after being at fault for Joseph’s being sold and lost to the family. But in Judaism there is always the opportunity to repent, as Judah showed, and his repentance made him a strong effective leader. Today, the State of Israel, the Jewish People are waiting and praying for a new “Judah” to lead us. He (or she) will bravely approach all foreigners fearlessly. Gd willing it will be soon, speedily in our days….



  1. Trump only retracted temporarily because the Jewish community said they don’t agree with the ban on muslim immigration until a good vetting process is done. Trump never wavered on his support for Israel despite that. There should be ethics and clearness on reporting.

  2. Randy, take your computer to a techie and get the Caps Lock fixed. You are YELLING! Or perhaps you think what you have to say is so important that it must be all in Caps. Or your eyesight is so poor that you cannot see normal font (if that is the case, make an appointment with your eye care professional).

  3. in the current political environment of Republican politics, a candidate is "yotzeh" (fulfills his responsibility) with visiting Israel by making the alternative trip to Las Vegas and kissing the ring of a certain cranky old casino owner

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