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Israel Uncensored: Jerusalem Will Always Be in Israel's Hands

The fact that most of the world, countries, diplomats, international organizations and NGOs refuse to recognize that only Israel and the Jewish People have the right to the Holy City of Jerusalem has been fanning the flames of terror and unrest all over the world. It’s not just about “peace in the middle east.”

Yes, it’s totally clear from media headlines, United Nations resolutions etc that everything is focused on  Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Blame/Fault does not lie in Israel’s hands, unless you want to say that the Israeli Government and Jewish leaders should be firmer about demanding recognition of our exclusive rights and history to Jerusalem.


Any reading of history, whether quick or detailed, will show that no other people/religion have a narrative, written or otherwise, that proves a direct connection to Jerusalem as its capital and holiest city. Only the Jewish People/Religion have that connection. And only Jews are both a People, Nation and Religion. Even during our various exiles, the focus of our prayers and yearnings have always been towards Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

It will never help or calm things to offer “sharing” with those who want to exterminate us. And considering how violent and determined the Arabs are to do this, Gd forbid, it’s very clear that they aren’t capable of making any sort of real and viable peace.



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