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Suicide bombing in Kuwait. June 26, 2015.

On Friday, before Shabbat we were watching the world news on television, and all they talked about was the sudden sic inexplicable sic outbreak of terrorism and violence by muslims all over the world. With straight faces, the commentators insisted there was nothing to tie the beheading in France with the terror attack in Tunisia with the massacre in Syria and the mosque bombed in Kuwait. Either they were really stupid or great actors.

At least 27 people, including foreign tourists, were killed when at least one gunman opened fire on a Tunisian beachside hotel in the popular resort of Sousse on Friday.

State Department: No Evidence Three Attacks Were Related

In my mind the reason was so obvious, because there’s more tension here in Israel, too. It’s Ramadan!
Everybody knows that during Ramadan Arab Muslim terror attacks increase, just like there’s more rain on cloudy days than on sunny ones. It goes hand in hand.
Ramadan, which floats around the annual seasons, due to the peculiar rootless calendar Muslims follow, requires fasting during the day and then feasting at night.
Before getting into the theology that many use to explain and justify terror attacks, I’d like to say that physiologically, the long fasting followed by feasting, especially when it happens late spring early summer, does cause emotional instability and impulse control problems. But you don’t find followers of other religions attacking others when they fast and feast.


Have you heard any Muslim religious leaders condemning the violence and terror? I just went through a whole bunch of the biggest of the news sites to look and found zilch aka nothing! Where’s that gentle Islam United States President Obama keeps talking about?

“…Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” (Aug 21, 2009 U. S. President Obama’s Ramadan message)

To state the truth simply, I must say that the world is in danger. I hate to sound like a scaremonger, but there are sizable amounts of Arab muslims in countries all over the world who are not trying to integrate and assimilate into their new societies. They have an agenda, and it’s neither peaceful nor humanitarian. France has already experienced a few attacks, and anyone who thinks they aren’t all connected is lying to him/herself.

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