Photo Credit: Hillel Meier / TPS
The live terrorist from the Ofra attack, next to his Audi. April 6, 2017

This morning I get a message that there was another terrorist attack. A poor occupied “Palestinian” refugee attempted to murder two Jews living in the Land of Israel. Unfortunately, one of the Jewish victims has died while the other is still being treated.

Who’s at fault? WE ARE!


See, they will tell the world a sob story of their suffering and about the occupation of their lands. They will lie, fabricate history and then justify murder, attack Israel and cry victim when they lose…again.

The fact that the world believes them is of no surprise to me. After all, this is a world that makes more noise and takes more action when Jews build houses in Judea than when Assad gasses children in Syria.

I do not expect anything different from the terrorists, they are doing exactly what they believe in.

It is us that have given up our beliefs, that unlike our enemies, are based on actual historic truths!

I don’t have much expectation of the world either, those expectations when up in smoke 75 years ago and I simply do not understand people who are hoping the governments of the world will start to love us. I don’t want their love, I want their RESPECT!


I expect the Jewish nation as well as any sane person in the world to stand up and fight the lies! To say NO! You Mr. terrorist do NOT have a national right to the land of Israel and you Mr. Terrorist have lost the right to live. Even if you do believe in some national claim Mr. terrorist, it does not give you a right to murder innocent people.

What we should be saying to the terrorists is, we will not accept your fabrications that you call Palestine, West Bank, Al Quds and the green line. We will will proudly stand up and say Land of Israel, Judea and Samaria and the Temple Mount and then remind you that the ‘green line’ was never a border and had nothing to do with a fabricated national claim called Palestine.

There are no two sides here that have a claim on a land and this conflict has nothing to do with land.

This conflict has to do with a genocidal, racist radical religious based ideology that was murdering Jews long before any settlements were on the ground. They do not want to build a State called Palestine, they want to destroy one called Israel.

UNFORTUNATELY, we are not defending our own rights and condemning terrorists, instead, we are accepting their narrative and making deals with them while turning the terrorists into the victims and those murdered into settler occupiers. We have people boycotting Jews who live in Judea and who write, travel the world and speak against Israel at every chance they have. It is with that motivation that this terrorist murdered one of our sons.

Why is this terrorist still breathing?

No terrorist should survive their own attack unless they have information that will save lives. I guess this terrorist will now join the hunger strike in Israeli jail in order to demand a cellphone while earning a degree and then be interviewed on TV to start the sob story over again until he is released in order to murder again.

Are there Arabs suffering in result to the situation? Absolutely! But it is through their desire to destroy Israel that there suffering comes.

Talking about suffering, can someone please give me the year and model of the AUDI this poor refugee freedom fighter was driving!

The Audi the ramming terrorist was driving. April 6, 2017.



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