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Ceylan Ozbudak

Ceylan Ozbudak is a Turkish TV commentator, peace activist, and supporter of the State of Israel. Ozbudak says she values the fact that

Israel has this democratic perspective which is very hard to find in the Middle East. There are minorities in the Knesset, which is hard to find in the Middle East. The democracy of Israel is something that we should all take an example from, as well as the religiousness. I am a religious person and respect religion.

According to Ozbudak, “People in the region look up to Israeli religiousness and this have set an example for other Muslims in the region.” Turkey, for example, has more mosques per capita than any other country in the world, even Saudi Arabia, and average Turks usually pray. Mosques are always full in Turkey. Thus, when the Jewish people value and respect their religion, it helps advance the cause of peace, for it helps Israel to fit into this very religious region of the world.


Ozbudak believes that Muslims around the world should recognize Israel’s right to exist:

According to Islam, Jews have the right to live in Israel until the day of resurrection, the end of the world. The Qur’an says, “Dwell in this land and when the promise of the End of Day comes to be fulfilled, we shall ensemble you there.”

Opposition to Radical Islam

She believes Hamas opposing Israel’s right to exist is merely one of many ways in which Hamas is behaving un-Islamically. Other manifestations include harming innocent people in violation of Islamic laws on armed conflict and engaging in offensive rather than defensive wars.  Ozbudak says that, “There is also no offensive war in Islam, only a defensive war. You cannot fire rockets at a place that is not fighting with you.”

Ozbudak is very much opposed to radical Islam. She claims,

They hate women, animals, art, science, every thing beautiful. What they are doing has nothing to do with Islam. It is a great danger to Islam.

Our Prophet had agreements with Jews and Christians, and they got along with them. The first Islamic country had Jews, Christians and Muslims living in peace. Caliph Umar invited the Jews back to Jerusalem. We learn Islam from these people. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have nothing to do with this.

Ozbudak, as an advocate for peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Jews, believes that the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East remains ideology. Thus, the ideology of hatred that permeates the Arab world needs to cease. She believes that the best way to diminish this hatred is to promote people to people interactions among the various peoples of the Middle East so that the peoples of the region can coexist with each other. In other words, peace should be built up from the bottom upwards.

Targeted by Terror

Unfortunately, Ozbudak and her group in Istanbul that supports peaceful coexistence within Israel have been targeted by radical Islamists for their beliefs. Evidently, al Qaeda had a list of targets within Istanbul. The first on the list was a synagogue, yet Muslim scholar Adnan Oktar, with whom Ozbudak is affiliated, was number two on the list.

Ozbudak believes this is because Oktar has been very outspoken in favor of peaceful coexistence with Israel. In fact, he and his friends have even held four conferences within Israel itself, as well as hosting members of the Israeli press and political leadership. Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and Israeli Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara, among others, have appeared on his TV show.

Nevertheless, despite the risks, Ozbudak believes that “someone should speak up and say the truth, so others can follow.” In an era when radical Islam is on the upswing, it is refreshing to have a Turkish voice such as Ceylan Ozbudak supporting peaceful coexistence with Israel.

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Rachel Avraham is the editor of the Economic Peace Center, which was established by Ayoob Kara, who served as Israel’s Communication, Cyber and Satellite Minister. She is the author of “Women and Jihad: Debating Palestinian Female Suicide Bombings in the American, Israeli and Arab Media.”


  1. What nonsense.

    ''Our Prophet had agreements with Jews and Christians, and they got along with them. The first Islamic country had Jews, Christians and Muslims living in peace. Caliph Umar invited the Jews back to Jerusalem. We learn Islam from these people. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have nothing to do with this.''.

    The only way one could come to that conclusion is to ignore the second half of the koran, the all important portion that abrogates the earlier half from the Meccan period. Peddling false narratives is an abysmal substitute for sound scholarship, something of which is grossly lacking in all of these article recently posted at the JP. It's obvious that serious articles based on scholarship doesn't matter here, inventing narratives made up of whole cloth is of more importance.

  2. Dear Kenneth, you said second half of the Koran involves hostility agains Jews. Would you please give us an example from the verses of the Koran. Because I read the Koran several times and did not see any verse that involves hostility agains Jews. Best regards.


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    Subject: [SPE-121-02] latest video.

  4. Once again, the JewishPress is promoting an anti-semitic cult who use interfaith and false claims to support Israel to further their unique brand of Turkish Islamism.

    Harun Yahya, aka Adnan Oktar, whom this woman works for, states on his own website that he is the author of 'Judaism and Freemasonry'.

    Newsweek described the book as an 'anti-Semitic tract'.

    New Humanist describes it: a derivative retread of anti-Semitic clichés in the manner of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which identified Jews and the masons as the devious obstacles to the emergence of a new, powerful Turkish-Muslim nation. “The principal mission of Jews and Freemasons in Turkey,” Oktar wrote, “was to erode the spiritual, religious, and moral values of the Turkish people and make them like animals.”.

    He also lists the book here:

    Oktar's group is good at expunging incriminatory text – it'll disappear soon. Like everything, we've saved the PDFs and screenshots.

    He also writes about a book called 'Behind the Scenes of Terrorism' (also shown in the link above), in which he claims the mafia was brought about as a result of Israeli terrorism and the "jewish arms trade".

    See more about Oktar and his group here:

  5. The problem is, David Toobe, Oktar's cult is not just about sex, it's about sexual exploitation and abuse. Oktar abuses his women, and this might include Ceylan. If anyone here truly cares about her, they wouldn't continue to allow him to exploit them further by providing a platform for his message.

  6. Sam Westrop · You're citing from the New Humanist? Seriously? They despise anyone who believes in God, not just the ones with the blond chicks. I can't believe that you try out arguments from a vehemently anti-religious source in a Jewish Press forum.

    Also, in terms of ethics, before sharing a person's private email, as in my response to your request today, it is ethical to ask their permission first. For someone seeking to clean up other people's back yard you're pretty deep in the fertilizer.

  7. What a wonderful response! Can't refute the facts, expresses dislike for the source.

    What's even more wonderful is that you're terribly upset about a secularist publication which objects to anti-Jewish bigotry but you are happy to publish a Holocaust denier on a Jewish site.

  8. Sam Westrop, please add your above comment with the various citations to the comment section of the previous Jewish Press article written by Bert Schlossberg. If Yori continues to denigrate the once credible reputation of The Jewish Press and leave at vital information about Oktar's extremely dark record, we need to ensure they are properly armed with the tools to discern truth from fiction.

  9. Adnan Oktar has found some Jews' weak point. They just want to believe things that they want to hear and Adnan Oktar's dangerous organization does this perfectly.

    Sorry everyone, but this is the Middle East which is dominated by Sharia States, this is not something like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

    Please somebody remind me the lovely stories of Adnan Oktar next time a Turk threatens me with death.

  10. In my mind, the figures of the Trilogy assessment are probably correct – no Meccan material of Koran refering to Jihad, and about 25% of Medinan material refering to Jihad. But is see no reason to attribute insincerity to the Turkish commentators and I see the same type of method among the Rabbis, in their dealing with the hard sayings they find in the Tanakh. they to seek the spirit, and try to apply to their own contemporary sensitivies. Ithink that they do a superb job. The most prominent one dealing with the rebellious son : Of course we are to stone a rebellious son. It is not just a warning, but lets look at the conditions. The rebellious son has to be a son "ben"(even though the word in Hebrew sometimes means a "child"), and he's got to be at least 13 years old because until a boy's Bar Mitzvah, it's his father who bears the responsibility, and he can't be more more than 13 years old and three months, because then he is no longer a "boy", but a "na'ar", a youth. And it says,“his father and mother,” so both parents must be living and both must agree to bring him to the elders; his parents “shall take hold of him,” so neither of his parents can be missing a hand or a finger; “and bring him,” so neither can be a amputee, lame, or limping; “They shall say,” so neither can be mute; “this son of ours,” so neither can be blind (they had to see the son); “he does not heed us,” so neither of the parents can be deaf, nor the son deaf.

    And some Rabbis also say that “if his mother is not fit for his father,” the boy cannot be declared a rebellious son. Then Rabbi Yehudah explains that this last statement means that the parents must match physically — they must sound alike, look alike, and be the same height. Even the "timbre"of their voices must sound the same, as the Bible says, "ainenu shomea be KOLENU" – "he does not listen to our VOICE" (not kolotaynu- "voices", plural). and besides all this, he has to be eating a certain food, which every body knows, that when you eat this food, you really are a glutton, and the wine he drinks has to be the good Italian wine , which just rips your head off in two seconds. So….

    It is no wonder that not in Brooklyn, Jerusalem, or in Tallahasee have I ever seen a Jew stone his rebellious son.

  11. maybe she really thinks what she says but come on she is just one human and in turkey there are more than 70 millions people …most of them hate Israel and the Jewish people. Israel doesn't have to believe her words because she doesn't represent turkey , I wish she could but this is the truth

  12. I'd Like to ask a question of both sides of the debate, but of course, I am particularly interested in the response of the detractors of the motives of Sinem, and her group. Their TV show and their public friendly stance, has not only drawn leading Jewish relgious and some governmental figures to public exposure to the Turkish population, it has also drawn the attention of very unfavorable Muslim extemist, radical terrorist elements. Yet they keep talking and writing about.

    the right of Jews to become citizens of Israel, to make aliyah, to be on the Temple mount, to defend themselves, to live without rockets falling on them, etc. These are public "advertisements" in Turkey, not in some safe haven in a U.S. supburb through an anonymous website. They continue even after Al Qaeda according to Turkish police and counterterrorism units who smashed them, have lumped them with American Embassy, the Balat district synagogue, and another key place, for extermination, all backed up with their ready to go explosives, and assault weapons, now safely in Police hands. Would'nt this lead you to believe that they are sincere about their present public pro Israel, or Jewish stand? What reason do you think that they would have for endangering their own life, if not that they are of sincere conviction and that conviction has very positive resonances for Israel? I think that is what the Rabbis that visit have seen and what motivated them in the first place to take this group seriously enought to go to Turkey.

  13. Lisa Michelle , if I may quote your words, and put the end quote, only because the rest naturaly follows, I think that you do, "love all people. I believe that we are all G-d’s children, and I believe that G-d wants all of his children to love each other and to be good to each other". I have no reason to doubt it.

  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your entertainment, exposing the Zionist Nazi collaboration, casting doubt on the official narrative, yes, it's here and it's explosive – it's Adnan Oktar's Holocaust Deception:

    A special thank you to the for promoting one of the leading Holocaust revisionists, and in doing so, fulfilling the very claims of collaboration this Mein Kampf of a book claims to have uncovered.

  15. Some people want to prove that the interpretations of Mr Oktar and his group are not correct and accurate to Islam. But, these are interpretations that we could live with. And so, if they are sincere, which there is ample proof of (for those who follow the progress of the group), why not encourage this interpretation? There are tens of different interpretations among Christians. So long as they interpret and practice something that is not extreme, what person, who is not Christian, would care which interpretation is most "authentic"? There are 1.5 billion Muslims. The best we can hope for is a more gentle interpretation to take hold. They are not all about to abandon Islam.

  16. I agree, Mark. I do not know how they could not be sincere as their continued adherence to Israel having the right to defend itself against agression and against rockets, to be on Temple Mount, to have increased population through immigration, etc, etc, publically proclaimed through writing and on TV in a hostile environment, being the subject of an Al Qaida assassination plot, along with the American Embassy and a synagogue, all of this would show. I don't know how they could not be sincere while knowingly so endangering themselves? That just does not make sense. I have heard on this thread that this group should make known their views in Turkey not in Israel. But they do just that, quite openly and consistently,.

  17. I love this ad hominem attack and straw manning, red herring, poisoning the well generic fallacy…For an obviously intelligent and educated person, Yori spews so many logical fallacies, I had to dig up a book I used to teach logic to my kids when they were little. While I don't accept the theology of antitheism, they often do a good job cleaning the house of the religious camp, who refuses to clean their own house. Don't discount the danger of a person who appears weird, crazy, and a joke. Its as if Oktar has taken Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon, L. Ron Hubbard, a touch of Protocols and Mein Kampf, removed the desired genes and spliced them all together. Oktar appears to have made progress in his goal of infiltrating and separating the pro-Israel camp: separating religious Jews from secular Jews, separating Jewish Zionists from Christian Zionists, separating people who love silicone from those who are allergic to it, and separating the compromisers and the deluded from those who refuse to be compromised or deluded. BTW Yori, can you state that you and JewishPress have no conflicts of interest regarding Oktar or any of his front groups? Whenever things don't add up, I pull out that old adage, "follow the money."

  18. I forgot to add, "Children of God, aka the Family," and whatever other names they use. This cult used sex to lure new converts, even employing children in this regard. Cult leaders aren't creative; they don't come up with something new, they just use what already has been proven to work.

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