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Jewish Home officials Naftali Bennett and Nissan Slomiansky. The party has been threatening to leave government should Tzipi, Bibi, et. al. pursue a deal to dismantle settlements. I say: please don't do us any favors, stay inside, where you can at least do some good with your power. The rest of us must start thinking for ourselves and outside the box.

Jewish Home Chairman and Minsiter of the Economy Naftali Bennett and other National Religious politicians have been threatening that, should the coalition government approve a new deal with the Palestinians requiring settlement dismantling, they would walk.

With that, they are playing directly into the hands of the enemy—Bibi and Tzipi and Yair and Buzhi.


Don’t do anybody any favors, Jewish Home, stay in the government, hold on to your seats of power. You will be much more useful to us inside the tent than screaming like insulted children outside.

But make sure not to join with the forces trying to delude us. It could get tricky, it would require being adults, thinking before we act, that kind of thing. I’ll explain.

The optimists among us, Zionist, observant Jews, assume that there’s no chance for any agreement to come out of the current negotiations between the Netanyahu government and the Palestinians. But even if it turns out that the optimists were right, a sane and responsible public must prepare for every contingency, including the possibility that an Israeli government will, indeed, endorse and turn into law a plan to retreat from Judea and Samaria and to uproot Jewish settlements.

The worst mistake committed by the Jews of Gush Katif in 2005 was their psychological investment in a denial of the inevitable until the very last moment. Sadly, after 60 years of living as an independent Jewish community in a Jewish State, our brothers and sisters of Gush Katif continued to believe that “It will never happen here.”

My late father told me that in the first week of September, 1939, as the German army was invading Poland, his father’s neighbors gathered in our family’s living room, to listen to our radio. At some point, the Polish announcer reported that England and France, Poland’s allies, declared war on Germany.

There was a great sigh of relief in the room. People knew it was now just a matter of time before this crazy Hitler would be put in his place.

And when he wasn’t, and the Nazis invaded, the Jews of the Lodz area, where my family lived, were certain the new rulers would never actually carry out their antisemitic policies. And when they were rounded up and marched with their few belongings from their small town to the Lodz ghetto, they were certain this was just part of the war effort—they were all quickly put to work in the city’s textile industry. Still, they were certain this terrible situation would soon be over. After all, what were the Germans going to do, kill all of us?

God, our heavenly teacher, taught us a crucial lesson in those years, about the promises made by our enemies to “solve” the “Jewish problem,” and the fact that they fully intend to fulfill them.

And so I promise you, with not a shred of doubt, that Tzipi and Bibi and Yair and Buzhi have decided to solve their “problem.” No, they are not Nazis, God forbid, but we  stand between them and the forced “peace deal,” and they will do their best to get us out of the way.

It wasn’t Ariel Sharon, or Dan Halutz, or Ehud Olmert, or Moshe Katzav, or the nasty soldiers, or the brutal policemen who defeated the sweet men and women of Gush Katif. It was their delusional belief that the promised hitnatkut-disengagement, the scrubbed up term for deportation, would never come. It was this loony tune thinking that prevented them from preparing for the worst, standing up for their rights, acting like men and women to defend and protect themselves.

We must assume that the Israeli government will, indeed, pursue the dismantling of settlements at some point this year or next. We must embrace, like adults, the Jewish approach that “One should not rely on a miracle.”


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Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth,,, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.


  1. Big deal. Not once in your piece did you mention "tachlis"! Yori, where do we start? How do we proceed? And how do we do all this without exercising violence against the soldiers and police who come to throw us out of our homes?? Everybody is already well aware that we have to learn the lessons of Gush Katif and think out of the box. Now give us PRACTICAL advice. Frankly, in light of what took place when the Gush and N. Shomron were forcefully evacuated, I don't – and I sincerely regret this – see any alternative to us forcefully preventing the IDF and the police from throwing us out. And that means violence, G-d help us. Yori, I challenge you to give us some novel tachlis here!

  2. We need a revolution in Israel to wipe out the cancer that has been festering for so long within the Knesset and the PM's office. No more expulsions, no more releasing murderers because Israel's arms have been twisted, no more free land to the Palestinian murderers. No more bowing down to the Muslim President of the USA., or his lackey Kerry.

  3. Not to worry….everything hinges on Abbas giving up the mythical "right of return" of Arabs to Israel and pronouncing Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people….this will never happen. G-d has hardened this Paro's heart.

  4. This is so wrong headed I don't know where to begin. And while I could write a book in response, I'll leave it to this: It is beyond OUTRAGEOUS for you to compare the choices and problems confronting Polish Jewry back in 1939 and before with Jews in Yehuda and Shomorn. Yesha is our HOME! because HaShem bequeathed it to us. Poland was our exile, where we never belonged and since it was not the Jewish Home, should have left at all costs. Using Poland as a proof for us to abandon Yesha is odious and libelous. If I wrote my original impulse, the Jewish Press would not have printed it! You should be ashamed.

  5. I pray that the IDF and Police will tell the government no!. we will not have a repeat of Gush Katif
    We are there to defend our country and our Jews, not there to satisfy the satan Abbas and his murderers,

    NO the IDF and police will not harm one Jew,
    we will defend our people.

  6. The IDF and Police must warn the government that if they intend to satisfy the Muslims, by moving out most of what G-D gave the Jews, then they must arrest the government and take control of Israel.
    The IDF and Police are strong and can defeat any Arab/Muslim army, but will never remove Jews from their homes.
    G-D will protect Israel

  7. The Israeli courts tend to favor the Palestinians. A large number of Jewish property owners are still unable to recuperate their property, in Jerusalem and Hebron, from the Arab squatters occupying it since the Jordanian occupation (1948-1967). The courts keep on postponing the return of the property and refusing to transfer the rights to the heirs of the owner in case of demise before the property is returned.

  8. deportations noway I don't think that is a good solution I know that Israel is entirely jewish whats wrong with the government all they care about is money and power. they need to think what the jews want and listen to them. nothing more. Palestinians are setting a trap in Judea and samaria that is an ancient jewish land belongs to jews not Palestinians no no no. someone needs to stand up and speak out on this and make Israel listen and say hey this is our land and country. I don't think anyone should give in to the trap of that peace deal its a trap. don't fall for it. hashem the lord gave it to the jews it was not given to the Palestinians NO SIR. I love Israel as it is and its jewish come on people we need to show more support and say hey folks do not deal with Palestinians tell them sorry land is not for sale or given away to you its ours!!!!!!

  9. Mr Yanover, is that the REAL Jewish approach that "One should not rely on a miracle"??? I'm shocked out of my socks!!! You are a nation of "miracles" and you don't see that??? Maybe, just maybe if you ALL would start expecting miracles from YA your CREATOR, you'd receive more. NASA has charted 4 blood moons in the next few months which ALL fall on Jewish feast days and how coincidental is that??? Blood moons ALWAYS have great meaning for Israel and YA'S people. You're going to get miracles whether you expect them or not Mr Yanover. Your MESSIAH is coming…………PS…there is NO word in Hebrew for coincidence by the way.

  10. Yori did not mean it the way you must have received it. I think he wants to prepare us for betrayal coming from our own midst, our own leaders… I am praying sooo hard, that we should not give up an inch to anybody! I am praying ssooo hard for it!

  11. Moshe Pesach Geller I was always taught not to rely on a miracle. Do the sensible thing. Ther is nothing wrong with asking hashem for help but we still have to have our eyes open. I find Yori to be one of the few that are both sensible and on our side in the media.

  12. Sister, take it from me: First, if they are Jews in America, they really know little and understand less and that includes so-called 'Orthodox' Jews. And it's sad to say, but not-Jewish Americans know and understand more about God, because Orthodox Jews are never taught about God. They are only taught that you can't know anything about God. It's sad but true. But, please, Dixie, keep on keeping on and speaking your truth. And I'm an Orthodox-Chassidic Rabbi in Jerusalem.

  13. You are wrong . If this government threatens to abandon the settlers bayit ha Yehudi must bring it down . There must be new elections . This government hates the religious and the feeling is mutual , there fore bayit hayehudi must bury the hatchet and join with the religious parties and since Natanyahu goes where the wind blows he will have no choice but get rid of lapid and livny and build a stong national religious government that won't abandon Jewish principles ,will not destroy the haredim and will not abandon the settlements .

  14. The miracle is there for the taking and holding; settlers need to and can form a separate identity within greater Zion, our G-d given land, and declare themselves to be a separate Jewish State, demand and then claim 'UN' recognition, and arm themselves to the teeth…as an independent Jewish State within greater Israel they can later ask for recognition from Israel and like the territories of the ancient tribes become 'states' within the Greater State! "Never give up, Never surrender, Duty is action, Fight or die!" If you don't fight now they will kill all of us later!

  15. Moshe Pesach Geller I have never heard an Orthodox Chasidic rabbi talk like you ,you sound more like a messianic Hebrew xtian .then a torah observant Jew Your statements are false and are totally the opposite of the truth .I grew up in an American reform home and I learned more about xtianity then Judaism . Most of my non religious friends did not believe in G-d and most abandoned Judaism . Surveys show that the religious group in America with the most atheists are Jews . When I became torah observant I found for the first time thousands of people whose lives revolved around Judaism ,torah and mitzvose and knowing God and loving Him . I never met in America a single non religious Jew with the devotion and G-d consciousness of the torah observant especially chasidim . A large percent of American Jews don't even knew the name of the creator . They think his name is kesef v'ahov .

  16. Avi Kraft You;re right and you're wrong. Yes, I am an out-of-the-box Rabbi, especially for America's Jews. I also have experience in 46 States over 24 years of Torah outrach. But you only know America's Yiddishkeit. Here in Yerushalayim – Ki Metzion Teste Torah, u'Dvar HaShem Me Yerushalayim – things are so, so different. Until you begin to learn Torat Eretz Yisrael, one can no really know Kol HaTorah Kulo and what you're missing is always the critical factor in one's Hashkafa. Take a look at my FB page. Really look at what I post and pictures. I believe me, you have no idea how many not-yet-observant Jews and how many Goyim have an astounding wisdom and knowledge of HaKadosh Baruch Hu. You just haven't met them yet.

  17. if Netanyahu goes ahead with their "peace plan" and removes people from their homes . Not only is this dangerous giving up the precious Land to their enemy , but the LORD will not be pleased for the division . America could have another rude awakening like has happened in the past when the Land has been given over to the Muslims . This is a deal with death if this continues . GOD have mercy

  18. All this talk of deportations makes me shiver-am just reading Elie Wiesel's "Night" so-all of this is a scary, ominous "deja vu all over again." The Jewish people should not give up an inch of ground, and the U.S. should be ashamed of ourselves for sending a so-called representative (Kerry, a traitor himself, is not mine) to try to make them do so.

  19. I didn't send Kerry, I would never approve of him doing that. I am both betrayed and horrified that he has done this, against the wishes of so many Americans with such flagrant impunity.

    If he was going to play hardball with anyone, he should have done so with the Jordanian Government, which was created to be a homeland for the Arabs, Muslims, etc.

    That, of course, was rejected in 1948, once Israel confirmed her statehood once and for all. Despite the rejection/rebellion that took place, that does NOT justify the actions that have took place since that time in Israel and against the land and her people!

  20. Israelhas a autocratic goverment, no constitution, no boders, the only way is some one with the IDF and police make a putsch toppeling the goverment, all the judges, etc:and make a constitution, put new borders throwing from East Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the east half of the Sinai all the arabs and tell all the world his sovereignity as the State of Israel for forever, and get repect from all the world, if Israel will not do this, Israel will disappear before the end this century.

  21. In this column YY is right as usual. We need to start thinking together. We should have started long ago. We all know that street demonstrations do not work, and we need some other alternative to passivity. We need to elect a government that will not sell us out, and that means reaching the country by some means other than the mass media, which will ALWAYS sell us out. The Torah actually does supply an answer — in Parshat Yitro, which is next week. Several years ago I sent Moshe Feiglin a poem (yes, one can actually say something in a poem) urging him to apply it. The poem is posted on my Facebook page at Yori, I hope you're reading this and will get in touch. Anyone interested in following up can reach me through the submissions page on

  22. Amos chapter 9 verses 14-15 "And I will bring again the captivity of my people of Israel.and they shall build the waste cities, and inhabit them, and they shall plant vineyards and drink the wine thereoff,they shall also make gardens and eat the fruit thereoff. verse 15 And I will plant them upon their land and they shall no more be pulled up out of the land which I have given them saith the Lord G-d" Keep the faith and look up for your redemption is nigh.

  23. Many Americans study the Bible for truth, and nothing else. Jews, and goys like me. We look behind it all, for the author of it all. About 80 percent of Americans believe in some sort of higher power. I would be interested to see the same statistics for Israel, if anyone has them. America is an Atheistic, and a God-fearing nation. We are highly polarized here. But the God-fearing here are in possession of many "swords" in their own "tents". Studying the Bible, especially the Old Testament, the Gospels, and the Revelation (I do not pay much attention to the writings of Paul, they seem to be an aberration) will teach you a lot about how God works in the universe. And the Jews I have met here, know all the old stories and your history, no matter whether they are Orthodox or not. They just do not talk about it much with goyim.

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