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The empty kitchen of a restaurant on Ben Yehuda Street in downtown Jerusalem, September 23, 2020.

Israel’s government cabinet has approved the latest set of Health Ministry regulations for Phase 3 of the Exit Plan from the Coronavirus lockdown, which begins on Sunday (in just a few hours), March 7, 2021. (These regulations join the existing set from Phase 1 and Phase 2.)

The regulations shall be valid until Saturday, 20 March 2021, except for the education regulations which shall be in effect until Saturday, 3 April 2021.



  • Gatherings: 20 people in a closed structure and 50 in an open area
  • At places that operate according to the Green Pass, infants less than one year old may be brought in.
  • It will be possible to receive the public in places that receive the public according to the regulations even for non-essential services provided that the service cannot be provided from a distance or online.
  • The Green Pass will apply to those participating in the Israel Institute for Biological Research vaccine test.
  • Restrictions on passengers in private vehicles are cancelled.
  • The requirement to question or measure temperatures at the entrance to public or commercial places is cancelled.
  • Education

  • Pupils in grades 7-10 will return to classes in those areas in which classes are held for other grades (green, yellow and borderline orange areas, whose ranking is no more than 7 and in which at least 70 percent of people over 50 have been vaccinated).
  • Institutions of higher learning and professional instruction, and post-secondary religious institutions may open according to the Green Pass only; this is on condition that the institutions ensure the holding of distance learning for students without green passes.

    The following conditions shall apply: Up to 300 people and no more than 75 percent occupancy, at least four meters’ distance between instructors and students and the posting of signs that the institution operates according to the Green Pass. The fine for institutions that admit students without green passes shall be NIS 5,000.

  • Pre-secondary boarding schools will be able to operate on open or closed tracks similar to secondary boarding schools.
  • The limit on participants in courses and vocational training for adults shall increase from 10 to 20.
  • In green, yellow and borderline orange council areas, extra-curricular activities for children and youth movements may operate in permanent groups of up to 50 people in an open area.
  • Day trips shall be possible in structures and not just in open areas.
  • Classes for grades 1-6 and 11-12 may be held in education institutions in which the Magen Chinuch plan was in operation last week.
  • Event halls and gardens

  • Restriction on gatherings: Up to 50 percent occupancy and no more than 300 people.
  • Entry to those holding green passes.
  • Up to 5 percent of participants in events will be able to enter upon presentation of negative test results. Hall operators shall be obligated to operate a method for verifying that the 5 percent limit is kept.
  • Restaurants

  • Indoor seating – for Green Pass holders only, up to 75% occupancy and no more than 100 people. Outdoor seating – no obligation to present green passes, no more than 100 people.
  • Tables must be two meters apart. An usher must be appointed to verify that the distance is maintained.
  • Bars – Two meters’ distance and at least one empty stool between patrons (except for those who live together).
  • Hotels

  • Dining rooms may be operated, up to 50% occupancy and no more than 300 people.
  • Cultural and sporting events, and conferences

  • Up to 500 people in a closed space and 750 in open areas.
  • In arenas or stadiums with over 10,000 seats, up to 1,000 people in enclosed spaces and 1,500 in open areas.
  • Tickets shall be sold in advance only. Seating shall be in marked seats only. One may stand next to one’s seat. Events or appearances may not be held with only standing, without marked seats. Events will be held without dancing, without the sale and serving of food and beverages. There shall be no eating on site. Distance must be maintained.
  • Houses of prayer

  • Houses of prayer on the Green Pass – up to 50 percent occupancy according to the number of permanent seats, or one person per 7 square meters in houses pf prayer without permanent seats, and no more than 500 people in any case.
  • Without the Green Pass – up to 20 people inside and 50 people outside.
  • Tourist attractions

  • Tourist attractions may open according to the Green Pass, except for those attractions that receive the approval of the Health Ministry Director General to open without the Green Pass.
  • Fines

  • NIS 5,000 for violating the government directives
  • Entry to, and exit from, Israel

  • The prohibition on the entry of Israelis to the country is cancelled, except for entry restrictions via the land crossings. Thus, all Israeli citizens and permanent residents will be able to enter Israel.
  • Nevertheless, no more than 3,000 Israelis may enter per day; this number will be gradually attained during the week according to the Transportation Ministry plan.
  • Up to 1,000 people may enter Sunday, 7 March 2021 in order to allow for the gradual opening as determined by the Transportation Ministry.
  • Designated flights for new immigrants whose immigration cannot be delayed, essential foreign workers and professional athletes shall not count toward the entry quota.
  • Entry at land crossings: The Jordan River crossing shall operate up to twice a week.
  • The Taba crossing will open once for those entering from Egypt, who were there until Wednesday, 3 February 2021.
  • Those holding vaccination or recovery certificates will be able to exit Israel freely except via the Taba crossing which shall be closed.
  • The requirement to quarantine in designated hotels shall be cancelled and will be replaced by increased enforcement by the Israel Police regarding those returning from abroad who are quarantining at home.
  • To destinations to and from which there are regular flights (New York and Frankfurt), Paris, London, Kyiv (Kiev), Toronto and Hong Kong shall be added.
  • Flight operators shall be obligated to send to the Transportation Ministry passenger lists for epidemiological investigation on demand. If lists are not delivered on demand, flight operators shall be subject to fines of up to NIS 5,000.

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