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Sefarim For A Neshamah’s Aliyah

Our 16-year-old son was niftar this past summer and left a will a few weeks before his death requesting that we donate his extensive library of sefarim to a shul, yeshiva, etc. – anyone who would use it for an aliyah of his neshamah.


Those who are interested can contact us at [email protected]. We have a list people can look at and then come to our home to take what they want, either as a complete library or single sets as needed.

Thank you.

Yitzchok & Mindy Blumenfeld
(Via E-Mail)

De Blasio, Trump, And The Media

Re “Get a Grip, Mr. Mayor” (editorial, Jan. 12):

When it comes to trusting the media, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Donald Trump may have more in common than people think.

De Blasio was recently interviewed by Lori Stokes and Rosanna Scotto on “Good Day New York” and his responses were priceless.

To questions concerning his poor relationship with Governor Cuomo and why he hasn’t held New York City Housing Authority Commissioner Shola Olatoye responsible for ongoing scandals and fired her, the mayor’s responses ranged from “don’t always trust what you read in The New York Times or hear in the media” to “that reporter has an ax to grind.”

As a City Council member from 2002 through 2009 and as public advocate from 2010 through 2013, de Blasio would never have let any commissioner under then-Mayor Bloomberg continue to hold a job in similar circumstances.

Does NYCHA Commissioner Olatoye have something on de Blasio? Or does she have a powerful political sponsor with strong ties to City Hall protecting her job?

Too bad de Blasio canceled his meeting with President Trump to discuss the Big Apple’s infrastructure needs. Perhaps de Blasio could have built a bridge with Trump, given their mutual disdain for “fake media”?

Larry Penner
Great Neck, NY

The Face Of Obstructionism

I commend your extraordinary, insightful Jan. 26 editorial “Senator Schumer’s Fumble.”

Schumer has fully capitulated to the hard left by shirking his responsibility to New Yorkers and to Americans, focusing instead on seizing more power for Democrats in Congress at the expense of protecting Americans. By not compromising with President Trump, he is playing Russian roulette with the lives of American citizens by refusing to eliminate the dangerous lottery visa and chain migration.

The Democratic Party is now the home of people like Keith Ellison, Linda Sarsour, and George Soros. It is no longer the party of the “little guy” but of the extreme left. And Schumer has become the face of obstructionism.

Freda Goldman
Baltimore, MD

Anti-Trump Hysteria

Recently, while having dinner with Jewish liberal friends (yes, I do have such friends), I experienced, firsthand, the Jewish anti-Trump hysteria that is now a fixture of the political left in America.

I asked my friend how he felt about the president’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He began to hem and haw a bit (In poker, that’s a “tell”) and proceeded to say that such a move could very well endanger the peace process and injure our status as honest brokers. And it would definitely anger and alienate the Muslim Arab countries in the Middle East and we’d lose their support and respect.

I responded : “What peace process?” I asked if he was speaking about the “peace process” that Mr. Abbas ignores, denigrates, and belittles at every opportunity.

As for the recognition and support of regional Arab nations, I asked, “Who cares about their non-existent support and respect?” I pointed out that all too many of those nations greedily request and receive billions of American taxpayer dollars, only to betray the U.S. at every turn by harboring and shielding known jihadist murderers and terrorist groups.

The great irony that should irk these liberal Jews, but likely won’t, is that Egypt and Saudi Arabia now clearly understand two realities: the immense threat posed to the entire region by the maniacal mullahs ruling Iran, and the uselessness and stupidity of wasting money on the Palestinians who have become professional refugees. They offer nothing in the way of compromise and peaceful intentions, and their “leaders” have made it quite clear that peace with Israel is an illusion for the naive and/or stupid, and that they will never recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

Egyptian and Saudi leaders couldn’t care less about the location of Israel’s capital. They’re far more concerned with the stability of a region threatened by Iran. In simple terms, common sense and common needs create even the unlikeliest of alliances.

What is it about the liberal Jewish mindset that rejects anything and everything proposed by President Trump – or any Republican president, for that matter? It hurts to see so many Jews who believe and act as though liberalism, not traditional Judaism, is their religion. If Barack Obama had recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, many of the same Jews who castigated Trump for doing so would have praised Obama to the heavens.

The Democrats are still hyper-ventilating about Trump allegedly colluding with Russia, but my fears and trepidations concern Jews colluding with a political party whose rank and file voters are increasingly anti-Israel, according to every recent poll.

The inner working of the liberal Jewish mind is what scares me, not Donald Trump.

Myron Hecker
(Via E-Mail

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