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I was excited to help my son and his family get a good start on their Pesach vacation which was to take place in Israel. We loaded up in my Nissan Pathfinder in Lakewood, New Jersey and made our way to JFK so that the young couple could spend the holiday with my daughter-in-laws family. The trip would be my little slice of holiday time with our son, his wife and their two sweet sons.

We took pictures after we arrived safely at the airport. We agreed that if no other family members were available upon their return that I would be happy to bring them back from JFK. My son proudly escorted his adorable family into the airport and I returned home satisfied with the mitzvah I had done and the time we shared together.


The weeks passed and as it turned out, there were no one else was available to bring the travelers home. I let my boss know that I needed to leave work early to go to the airport. I felt good to be able to help out like this and was grateful for the opportunity. If we could not be together for yuntif this year at least I could contribute in this way.

Soon afterwards my boss called me into his office. I was grilled about my decision to leave work and criticized for not making other arrangements such as getting a car service. I explained that I was not about to give up one of the only ways I could help my children and that I did not think they would ever understand if I had not come to get them. The negative comments kept coming. I was brought to tears.

A year passed when a van belonging to my boss pulled up outside the office. His wife, daughter (a new kallah) and her chosson came inside as my boss prepared to leave with them to the airport. They were traveling to Eretz Yisroel and it was such a happy moment. I warmly greeted the couple and wished them well. However, they did not leave.

There was a problem. My boss kept walking in and out of the office.
The car was not opening. The keys had been left inside. Calls were made for help. No one came. As time passed the tension grew. One of my co workers who is a handy person went home to bring his special tools that can open locked vehicles. After he opened the door everyone joyfully left for the airport.

I sat at my desk and gazed out the glass doors remembering the hurtful conversation with my boss about my trip to the airport a year earlier. With a sense of calm, I realized that justice had been served.

The pain I had felt did not escape the loving eyes of the One Above. Never again does my boss say a word to me when I need to leave work to take care of a family matter. The lesson was learned.

The teacher is strict with His students. He expects moral excellence. He wants us to be a nation of compassionate individuals. If we forget, He knows just what to do. He locks us out. He shuts down the blessings and the assistance.

We are left on our own.

We stumble and fall.

Without His help we do not get very far. We get stuck. We can make all the calls we want. Only Hashem can make things happen.

If you mistreat your friend, your co-worker your child or your spouse, you will pay the price. Just be kind to those who come your way. Just be kind, that’s the key!


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