Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Vol. LXVIII No. 45                               5777
New York City
November 3, 2017– 14 Cheshvan 5775
5:31 p.m. NYC E.D.T.



Sabbath Ends: 6:31 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sabbath Ends: Rabbenu Tam 7:01 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Weekly Reading: Vayera
Weekly Haftara: Ve’isha Achas (II Kings 4:1-37 Ashkenazim; II Kings 4:1-23 Sephardim)
Daf Yomi: Sanhedrin 110
Mishna Yomit: Beiza 3:2-3
Halacha Yomit: Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayyim 259:-3-5
Rambam Yomi: Hilchos Shabbos chap. 3-5
Earliest time for Tallis and Tefillin: 6:37 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunrise: 7:28 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Latest Kerias Shema: 10:03 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunset: 5:49 p.m. NYC E.D.T.

This Motzaei Shabbos, Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 2:00 am, we move the clock back one hour as we resume standard time.


   The following chapters of Tehillim are being recited by many congregations and yeshivas for our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael: Chapter 83, 130, 142 – Y.K