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While Israel President Reuven Rivlin was on a state trip in Germany, the Palestinian Authority widely distributes an updated brochure promoting the “right of return” , financed by the German government-funded Fredrich Ebert Foundation.

The brochure justifies claims of descendants of Arab refugees from 1948 to return to the Arab villages that existed before 1948 war, which would supplant most of the population of Israel.


The PA widely distributes this brochure during the week of the Nakba – May 15, the date when Arab armies which invaded Israel on May 15, 1948, resulting in their defeat and in 500,000 to 750,000 Arabs leaving during the Israel War of Independence.

Five million descendants of Arab refugees from 1948 are now registered in western-funded “temporary” UNRWA refugee facilities in Gaza, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, living there under the premise and promise of the ‘right of return’ to Arab villages that existed before 1948.

Our agency wrote about the previous edition of this German-funded brochure which was published ten years ago:

Will Israeli President Rivlin raise this issue during his visit to Germany?

Our agency has forwarded that question to President Rivlin’s spokesman who now accompanies him to Berlin during the visit.


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  1. Right of return is part of the Geneva Accords, of which Israel is a signatory. Obviously Israel has populated all those villages or replaced them with new towns occupied by Jewish immigrants. That does not remove a responsibility to all the people in the refugee camps and those deprived of family reunification.

  2. Hevron, shimron, bet shemesh, bet el, yerushaliam. Sorry Walter but denying our connection to these indigenous Jewish places is anti-Semitic. The international community has a horrible record of caring about Palestinian refugees. For 2000 years it oppressed us and now it denies us our rights to our homeland. And now the international community keeps Palestinian refugees in refugee camps so that they can’t assimilate and normalize. So please don’t lecture us. Get some humility.

  3. It comes down to one thing and one thing only…it is KILLING the anti-Semites that the Jews are finally in their own homeland with a first class army, navy and air force and are we once again the masters of our destiny. We no longer are at the mercy of host countries that may treat us well today and torture and slaughter us tomorrow. They want to be able to continue the Crusades, the Expulsions and Inquisitions, the pogroms and the Holocaust…the only good Jew is a DEAD Jew, don't you know…they shouldn't live so long…chas v'shalom!!!

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