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Never missing an opportunity to deny Israel’s right to exist, Abbas’ Fatah Movement exploited the current Coronavirus crisis to pound home its message to Palestinians that all of Israel is “Palestine.” The following images – showing the PA’s map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas – were all included in a video with a Coronavirus song posted by Fatah on Facebook.


The image above of a man in a medical gown and hood wearing a mask and gloves embracing “Palestine” appeared with the following text on the screen:

“Stay at home so we can protect the homeland”

[Official Fatah Facebook page, April 5, 2020]

The PA map of “Palestine” is formed by a group of people, and above it the Palestinian flag. To the right of the flag is a warning sign with a biohazard symbol and the word “Coronavirus” in English.

Text on screen: “Stay in your small home for the sake of your large home – Palestine”

The PA map of “Palestine” is depicted with arms embracing it. In the upper left corner is the Palestinian flag and Fatah’s logo. The yellow text is a line from the Coronavirus song: “He hides and knows that he has been infected with Corona.”

Text on screen: “Stay at home for your sake, for the sake of those you love, for the sake of Palestine”

A drawing of a soldier and a doctor appears on the background of the Palestinian flag. In the upper left corner is the PA map of “Palestine” covered in the colors of the Palestinian flag, and next to it the words “I’m with Palestine” in English.

Text on screen: “The homeland has people who are protecting it – thank you!”

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