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This article first appeared in Jewish Business News

In last week’s speech, President Barack Obama said, “American military power is unmatched, but this can’t be America’s fight alone.” Good enough. And so, a very large group of nations has emerged over the past month or so, to support—in varying degrees of energy and enthusiasm—the American new effort to bring civilization to Mesopotamia.


The list includes many nations who, when you look into it, are listed for doing next to nothing. Which was the case with Bush II as well. One country which is eager to help and able to do a lot, will never be mentioned: the Jewish State.

“The truth is, Israel would love to be in the coalition,” Paul Pillar, a former U.S. national-intelligence officer for the Middle East, told the Voice of America, adding, “And that would strengthen even more, if it could be done overtly, their argument that they are a strategic asset to the United States,” he said.

But it’s never going to happen, that overt thing. Because, in the end, most of America’s allies would walk away if Israel were on board officially.

“Because of the well-known politics of the Middle East and the continued high salience of the unresolved conflict with the Palestinians, any Israeli involvement in multilateral efforts in that region tends to be counterproductive,” Pillar said.

Israel is very interested in the outcome of the fight against ISIS, which is happening on its doorstep. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman met with Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington last week, and told him Israel is willing to help out, if invited to do so, “taking into consideration sensitivities.”

Isn’t it amazing how everybody, including the Jews, accepts the fact that no one wants the Jews?

So here’s the list of those who have allowed their names to be listed alongside America’s, as of Sunday morning, and the things they’re prepared to do for the cause:

Australia: although Australian combat troops will not participate in ground fighting, according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office.

Great Britain: Prime Minister David Cameron promised to help arm Kurdish forces, support the Iraqi government, keep supplying humanitarian help and coordinate with the United Nations. Now, that’s the battle spirit…

France: Two (count them 2) Rafale air force planes flew over Iraqi space today. Sounds menacing.

Germany: dedicated to curbing ISIS propaganda and recruitment, and sending military assistance to the Kurdish region to fight ISIS.

The Netherlands: helping to curb the flow of foreign fighters coming back from Syria, might even pass a law revoking their citizenship. That’ll learn them.

Turkey: nothing, really.

Canada: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced just days ago that more than 50 Canadian special operations troops are being deployed to Iraq as part of an adviser mission but that there would be no direct military intervention by the country.

On Sunday, State Department officials also mentioned Italy, Poland, Denmark, Albania and Croatia as providing equipment and ammunition in the fight against ISIS. New Zealand, Romania and South Korea are providing humanitarian assistance.

Jordan: Former Jordanian Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher said on CNN on Sunday that he doubts Jordan will commit ground troops in the fight against ISIS. “The U.S. will have to take the lead in providing military strikes,” he said.

Jordan’s provides intelligence on ISIS, which they can gather easily by looking across their borders and counting heads.

Saudi Arabia: offered to train rebels on its soil. Now, that’s friendship. It also contributed $500 million to the UN humanitarian aid agencies in Iraq.

Egypt: Its grand mufti condemned the terror group, saying that its actions are not in line with Islam. There you go, feeling safer already.


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Tibbi Singer is a veteran contributor to publications such as Israel Shelanu and the US supplement of Yedioth, and Jewish Business News.


  1. Isis is fighting Assad in Syria and the Shiite government backed by Iran in Iraq. Neither Israel or the USA should be involved in fighting Isis except to insure protected zones in Iraqi Kurdistan and northern Syria for Kurds and other minorities. Taking sides in the Shia/Sunni wars in Iraq and Syria is foolish.

  2. In fact Australia is providing a squadron of Super Hornets for combat duty and 200 special forces commandos to "train' and assist local forces. In other words when called on the fighters will carry out strike operations. A little better than the European effort.

  3. Those who don't want Israel to help in the war against Isys should also be ready to give up their computer chips the technology and the medications that save their lives which were invented in Israel. But they won't and the American government won't call because politics trumps morality.

  4. This is so true! If Israel were presented as any other country – everyone in the world would see that it clearly should be the #1 ally. But because of other counties' attitudes Israel can only particpate surreptitiously. This is a real shandah.

  5. The animosity against Jews and the Jewish state permeates many layers in the political world. Today’s news is from an insignificant political figure parading as the foreign minister of Denmark. He told News Media that boycotting of Israel was likely thus forcing the Israeli administration to negotiate seriously with its counterpart the Pal-Arabs. The laughable clown seems to know little to nothing about the politics in the Middle East, by the way, just like his predecessor. I know this, because I’m listening to his media performance in Danish.

  6. We should be calling on the whole world to unite against IS. That includes Israel who are supposed to be our allies. We should also be befriending not fighting with Russia. I am sick of the US and UK tub thumping on behalf of the Nazi regime in Ukraine and making an enemy of Putin. I am also extremely fed up with the US and the UK bleating and whimpering about the poor Palestinian people living in the PA and Gaza. If the Arabs don't like it there, send them luggage and tell them to move! Time the President and the Prime minister woke up and smelt the coffee. This world has one enemy right now the backward thinking Islamic terrorist organisations destabilising the Middle East and causing insecurity all over the world. Not to mention living in western countries enjoying all the benefits of freedom and democracy while hating the people who provide it. That includes Hamas, IS, Hezbollah and who ever else wants Jihad against the west.

  7. Smart, patriotic Americans support Israel always, we appreciate being Allies with Israel. We know you are one of the greatest & most respected Armies in the World and we support and love you. We should always stand shoulder to shoulder with Israelis. Our Country has become a total embarrassment since this Idiot was put into the White House. He hates Jews, I can't understand how American jews supported him or any of the Dems, they are Anti-Semitic and they don't even try to pretend that they're Not. It's become acceptable to verbally attack Israel in the US, they blame Israel for everything wrong in the world. I don't remember Israelis flying planes into our buildings on 9/11, I don't remember Israelis bombing the trade center in the 90's. I don't remember Israelis BEHEADING American journalists on youtube, because it never happened. The US has a severe Mental Illness problem, it's called Liberalism, these people are mentally Ill and they support and make excuses for Muslims for being the murderous savages that they are. They tell us Islam is a religion of peace, with a straight face they say this over and over while the video in the background shows them (Peacefully) beheading an Innocent person. I mean seriously? God Save Israel & the USA and I'm not Jewish, I'm a Catholic Italian American who knows the difference between people who want to terrorize us and our true allies.

  8. Good idea, but limited. Each time they tire of killing each other, it's the rest of us that they focus on – especially Israel and Jews worldwide. And – as we've seen – when it comes to Israel and Jewish people, no-one at all will help us. They will just watch with joy. Yes, yes, I know that the USA funds Iron Dome, but with Barack at the helm one never knows what will happen next.

  9. It's about time the rest of the 'Civilised' world took on board the fact that the middle East requires strong leadership and a local policeman. Israel is positioned perfectly to take up this role. Without recognition of the Israeli state, Western sabre rattling will have zero effect on these extremists. If the good ole USA fails to act soon, it will give Mr Putin the excuse to roll South and West into the oilfields, nothing will ever winkle him out.

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