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The recent firebomb attack by “extremist Jewish settlers” resulting in the death of 18-month old Ali Dawabsha, combined with the recent attack on the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem which saw the murder of 16-year old Shira Banki, has Israeli-Jews nervous, sad, and introspective.

Many in the West will tell you that Israeli-Jews are deeply immoral people. The Yishuv, after all, marched on the indigenous Palestinian population in 1948, driving between 600,000 and 700,000 innocent people from their homes and causing al-Nakba (the Catastrophe) which has, in large part, influenced Palestinian culture and politics ever since.


“The Zionist Occupation of the Indigenous Palestinian People”

  • Israeli-Jews are deeply racist toward Arabs who they oppress in a great variety of ways.
  • Jews humiliate the local Arabs by forcing them to go through check-points. Israeli soldiers often use Palestinian children as human shields during military operations. The Israeli-Jews continue settlement expansion and perpetually steal Palestinian land which they crisscross with “Jews Only” roads. While settlers enjoy swimming pools their Palestinian neighbors are robbed of water by the Israeli Occupation Authorities.
  • The IDF targets journalists and peace activists – even murdering Rachel Corrie, a young American from the Pacific Northwest who fought for Palestinian-Arab rights and dignity. For her troubles she was intentionally run-over by an IDF bulldozer, killing her.
  • Furthermore, the Security Wall (or Apartheid Wall) separates Palestinians from villages, farms, and ultimately employment, thus serving to further impoverish a people already poverty-stricken due to Zionist aggression.

Given the atrocities and war crimes regularly committed by Israeli-Jews against their Palestinian neighbors, is it any wonder that so many on the Western-Left have concluded that Israeli-Jews are immoral? Is their any wonder that anti-Zionism and the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel (BDS) is gaining steam? Furthermore, not only has much of the rest of the world concluded that Israeli-Jews – who represent about half the world’s population of Jews – are immoral, but even the Israeli-Jews themselves are starting to believe it.

Crying in the Press

One need only survey some of the current introspection playing out in the Israeli and Jewish press to see that Israelis are losing faith in their own humanity.

In the Israel Hayom newspaper in Israel we see these headlines:

  • “Thou shalt not kill” by Nadav Shragai in which he is convinced that the murder of the toddler says something about the nature of Israeli-Jews and wherein he fears that the affliction of violence and hatred is now spreading among the Jews.
  • In “Fighting our inner racist,” by Ran Reznick, we learn that homophobia and xenophobia are rampant among Israeli-Jews.
  • In “A shameful day for Israel” by Times of Israel editor David Horovitz, he begs the people and the government that mere regret is insufficient and such regret must be matched with action.
  • Media personality and Israeli politician, Yair Lapid’s contribution is “We are at war” and he thinks that the enemy comes from within.
  • In Ha’aretz, hard-left Gideon Levy is convinced that “We all torched the Dawabsheh family”.

And, also it must be considered, if the Israeli-Jews are as immoral as even they are coming to believe, what does this tells us about their diaspora Jewish supporters all around the world? Nothing good, I am afraid. If Israeli-Jews are committing atrocities against the local Arabs then diaspora Jews are complicit in willingly supporting such atrocities and are, thereby, themselves morally compromised.

And then there is this:

The Truth

On Sunday in Israel, Imad Abu Sharikh was hospitalized after a severe beating. We read:

Abu Sharikh told police he was heading to the mosque when three “right-wing extremists” attacking him, shouting “filthy Arab, expel all the Arabs!”


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