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Mainstream Media Madness

In the last 5 years, the media claimed that we were in a crisis of “misinformation” and appointed themselves as the nation’s fact checkers, censoring social media and determining what people could and couldn’t say.

Awkwardly, very few Americans trust the media and 50% believe the media is lying to them.

Fifty percent of Americans feel most national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or persuade the public.


Those are ugly numbers.

Worse still, only 25% believe that national news organizations, aka the mainstream media, are not out to lie to them.

Those same 25% say that national news organizations care about their best interests.

52% disagree.

Numbers like these are catastrophic. Americans hate and distrust the media. They view it as a source of deceit and destruction. And these numbers are not coming from conservatives, but the ultra-lefty Knight Foundation which is closely intertwined with the media.

This ought to lead to a wake-up call. Or at least an end to the pretense that the media has any trust or authority to fact check anything or police anything. Except, like most authoritarians, the media will double down. Journalism schools will spin these numbers to mean that the media should go even further in discarding the last shreds of objectivity to loudly scream its propaganda at a deafening volume. It’s not about what journalism, the media or the country needs, it’s only ever about the Left’s endless hunger for power.

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