The United Nations is Beyond Criminal Prosecution

Politicians at play: They compete vigorously to get in power, to stay in power, and to remove the other party from being in power. Whether laws are or are not broken, the opposition party goes into high gear to bring the ruler down.

Names and Narrative: Zionist Entity and Colonial Occupier

This relationship cannot yield peace with the current Arab mindset, only a bitter divorce with two parties forever fighting over children who will never grow older.

The Ultimate Chutzpah: A New Form of Holocaust Denial

May 2019: Outright lies and inversion of facts took a curious turn. Instead of only manufacturing a narrative that Palestinian Arabs are victims of Jewish aggression and racism, a new voice directed the message that Palestinians were the saviors of Jews.

The New York Times Excuses Palestinian “Localized Expressions of Impatience.” I Mean Rockets.

The horrible anti-Israel bias of the NY Times has been going on for roughly a decade however, one cannot help but marvel at the entirely new expressions concocted at the paper to excuse the Palestinian war crimes.

Calls From the Ashes

The sentiments were that destruction of these particular Christian houses of worship were an affront to people of all faiths, not just Christians. If only the Jews in Jerusalem could get an iota of those sentiments.

As Ilhan Omar Shows, Not Everyone is Jackie Robinson

Fellow Democrats have tried to rush to her defense that she's relatively new at politics. It is worth reminding them that so was Donald Trump,

What the Palestinians Were Thinking While Israelis Were Voting

{Originally posted to the FirstOne Through website}While the Israelis went to the polls again to elect their government in a democratic process, the Palestinian...

Israel Has Much Higher Claims to The West Bank Than Golan Heights

While there was certainly some benefit politically to Netanyahu for the gesture, the rationale for Israel’s control of the plateau is definitely about security. But the arguments applied to the Golan are relatively weak compared to all of the reasons Israel should have sovereignty over the “West Bank.”

Anti-Israel Lobbyists Dwarf Pro-Israel Lobbyists

As AIPAC kicks off its 2019 conference in Washington, D.C., it is worth reviewing some basic statistics about this pro-Israel lobbying group.

25,000 Jews Remaining

The number 25,000 is both random and round. Yet it serves as a powerful marker of the Jewish population in cities and countries around the world; which are growing and which are disappearing.

The UN Never Demands Justice for Palestinian Killers

When an Israeli commits an attack, Mladenov demands that the perpetrator be brought to justice, however, when a Palestinian commits the attack, all Mladenov can muster is a generic condemnation of terror.

Martin Luther King and Zionism

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Amnesty International’s Rankings for 2017/2018

In what world can anyone seriously consider the reports of an organization that believes that Israel and the United States are worse human rights abusers than Syria and Saudi Arabia?

On Heretics and Slanderers

There is a gap in the Jewish people, just as there was thousands of years ago: there are those that believe in traditional rabbinic Judaism and those that reject it. There are those that seek to slander and malign fellow Jews to the world and those that condemn such actions.

The Real “Symbol of the Conflict”: Neta Sorek

The real “symbol of the conflict” is a slaughtered Jewish feminist peace activist by Palestinian Arabs who infiltrated Israel.

Not Remembering, Forgetting and Never Knowing

Over the past few decades, the Arab and Muslim world have been very active in denying and recasting Jewish history.

Existing While Jewish

The viral racism in Palestinian Arab society seems to have no limits.

Looking at Gaza Through Swedish Glasses

According to Sweden, Palestinians are protesting peacefully, so by definition, Israel is using disproportionate force

As Palestinians Fire 400 Rockets, UN Meets to Give them $

On November 12, 2018, the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza fired over 400 rockets into various populations centers in Israel. Buses, roads and homes were hit, killing and injuring people trying to manage their lives.

Please Don’t Vote for a Democratic Socialist

Two of the alarming extremist views held by the Democratic Socialists are their desires to destroy America’s free market economy and to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

What Kind of Hate Kills?

The New York Times coverage stood in sharp contrast to other news sites like Reuters, which clearly laid out the evil anti-Semitism in the murderer and wrote that the killer was anti-Trump.

Western Jerusalem’s Consulate and Embassy

The U.S. opened the embassy in May 2018, and just announced plans to fold the services of the U.S. consulate into the new embassy building, closing the current consulate location.

A Sofer at the Kotel

So-fer, so good; a creative idea to increase shalom amongst Jews through Torah

Ari Fuld. Warrior for Peace

It is unclear whether Ari was targeted for attack because of his zealous pro-Zionist views, or whether he was yet another Jew killed by an Arab for the simple reason that he was a Jew

What’s Wrong with UNRWA

UNRWA is a deeply flawed organization and has been so for decades. It has been an embarrassment that the US has done so little to reform the organization over the past decade and that liberal media still cannot accurately report on the agency’s corruption and failings.

When the Democrats Opposed the Palestinian “Right of Return”

It is remarkable to witness how Obama's tenure was so pro-Palestinian, that people have forgotten that the Democratic Party also was against the “Right of Return” before he took office.

A Basic Lesson of How to be Supportive

If groups like J Street and NIF, and Jewish leaders\want to be included in the pro-Israel community, they must learn a simple lesson: if you have an issue, bring it up with directly with the party in charge. In public, sing the praises loudly to all.
Senator McCain on Fox News Sunday.

John McCain 2008 / 2018

The world is much worse off for not electing John McCain a decade ago.


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