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Calls From the Ashes

The sentiments were that destruction of these particular Christian houses of worship were an affront to people of all faiths, not just Christians. If only the Jews in Jerusalem could get an iota of those sentiments.

An Easy Boycott: Al Jazeera (Qatar)

Looking to fight supporters of terrorism? Just boycott Qatari owned Al Jazeera

The Termination Shock of Survivors

As Holocaust survivors decline rapidly attacks on the veracity of the Holocaust rapidly escalates
Senator McCain on Fox News Sunday.

John McCain 2008 / 2018

The world is much worse off for not electing John McCain a decade ago.

When Power Talks the Truth

The Truth will set you free--Hopefully

From the Balfour Declaration to the San Remo Conference

Despite the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo Conference much of the world refuses to recognize Jewish history in the land or believes Jews should have the rights to worship at their holiest sites

Every Picture Tells a Story: No Christians Targeted

The NY Times coverage of world affairs follows a familiar pattern: Christians and Jews do suffer, but hardly as much as Muslims and people of color, and their reporting reflects this view.

The UN Never Demands Justice for Palestinian Killers

When an Israeli commits an attack, Mladenov demands that the perpetrator be brought to justice, however, when a Palestinian commits the attack, all Mladenov can muster is a generic condemnation of terror.

Obama Supports Anti-Semitic Palestinian Agenda of Jew-Free State

Would Obama stand for a housing policy that barred blacks from living in Washington, DC?

Muslim Women Debate Antisemitism

According to the ADL, once a country passes the 95% Muslim population threshold, almost every single man and woman hates Jews

The Jewish Holy Land

The commandment of Shmita is not to just let the land lie fallow every seven years, but like the Sabbath, it is to remember that the land is God’s gift to the Jewish people.

The NY Times Will Not Write About the Preferred Violence of Palestinians

The Times presents a fake narrative to its readership that the Palestinians are in favor of a two-state solution and are valiantly engaged in nonviolent protest to achieve their aims, despite every Palestinian poll which shows the opposite. But facts do not matter for the Times; the editors have chosen the good people and the bad people in every story

Joe Biden’s Stabs a Finger at Israel

It has been official US policy under Obama administration to embarrass, berate & belittle Netanyahu.

Look for Mom on Mother’s Day

Society’s demands for special recognition makes visiting Mom on Mother’s Day like “Where’s Waldo”

Honor Killings in Gaza

Proportionately, Palestinians now kill twice as many women in honor killings as Afghanistan.

Abbas Knows Racism

Abbas’s charge of racism spans the entirety of Israeli society.

An Inconvenient Truth: Population Statistics in Israel/Palestine

“Why do people get complacent with the things they’re told?”

Names and Narrative: The Green Line / West Bank / Judea and Samaria

The term “West Bank” falsely implies a long history of Palestinian Arab rule over the area

Obama’s Iranian Red Line

"What's a line between friends?"

Israel’s Colonial Neighbors from the Arabia

Abbas’s stupidity knows no bounds. He claimed that Palestinian Arabs have been living in the holy land for the past 6000 years.That’s pretty impressive for a group that didn’t arrive in the land of Israel until about 1400 years ago, even by the admission of Arabs themselves.

Buckets of Deplorable Presidential Endorsements

As Clinton and Obama trash “deplorable” Trump supporters, they should consider their own tainted houses, in which some of the world's worst deplorables gave them direct financial/political support

While the UNSC Debates Israel-or-Hamas Regarding Gaza, Gazans Debate Whether to Stay-or-Go

According to the polls, Palestinians are indeed fed up with their leadership, but more with Abbas than Hamas. That sentiment is more pronounced in Gaza (81%) than the West Bank (62%).

Operation Moses 30 Year Anniversary

Operation Moses: First time in history that non-blacks came to Africa to free blacks from oppression

Joint Prayer: The Cave of the Patriarchs and the Temple Mount

"The Temple Mount could, like the Cave of the Patriarchs, become a place of tolerance and prayer."

Failing to Mention the British White Paper of 1939 when Discussing Refugees

Curiously, while journalists attempted to connect the Holocaust of Europe's Jews to the plight of Muslim refugees from the Mid East today, they declined to ever mention the restrictive British White Paper of 1939 when discussing the “Muslim ban.”

Every Picture Tells a Story: The Invisible Murdered Israelis

Photos & captions in the Times push a specific narrative: Palestinians are passive victims in Israel

Collective Guilt / Collective Punishment

Sometimes collective action against the heinous acts of the majority is not enough. The world should not only support the blockade of Gaza; it must enforce the dismantling of Hamas.
The fourth generation of Iran's Fateh 110 missile has been tested successfully recently.

Iran’s New Favorite Jewish Scholars

The Iranian government has found new Jewish friends willing to publicly undermine Israel. And for Iran, these Jews have the added value of looking like hippy college professors as opposed to the black hat Neturei Karta rabbis.

Why the Media Ignores Jihadists in Israel

Why does the Times relay different motivations and narratives for jihadists in Europe and Israel?


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