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Moshe Feiglin

In Israel, the only question being asked right now about the nuclear deal with Iran is if Benjamin Netanyahu correctly managed Israel’s retreat. If that is the question, the answer is that nobody could have fought a rear-guard war better than Netanyahu.

But the real question – and the only important question – is: Where did we go wrong? How did we get into this mess? How did we wind up fighting a rear-guard war? Why didn’t we employ Menachem Begin’s Iraq nuclear-reactor bombing strategy a decade ago when operationally and diplomatically it would have been much easier?


After all, for 60 years we have been dragging every visiting VIP to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem to explain why we need an independent state. So how is it that when a hostile country boldly declares that it is planning a new Auschwitz and repeatedly threatens to destroy Israel we turn once again to the U.S. and British air forces expecting them to bomb the tracks for us?

For years I have been warning of the catastrophic consequences of trusting others with Israel’s security – in countless articles, in media interviews, in Likud faction meetings, in the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, as well as in personal conversations with Defense Minister Ya’alon and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Any serious debate on this subject was prevented by the fact that there is simply no opposition in Israel – not in the media and not in politics. All that opposition leader Herzog has to say is that if Netanyahu had played his cards right we could have gotten some sort of consolation prize from the U.S.

That is a classic case of hypocrisy. After all, Netanyahu adopted Herzog’s dangerous pass-the-buck strategy and declined to follow in Begin’s footsteps specifically because he feared Israel’s Left, including its branches in the IDF and the Mossad who forcefully opposed any Israeli initiative.

That fact does not absolve the prime minister of responsibility for this devastating failure. In the face of political challenge on the home-front, a real leader must know how to put the opposition in its place, as Begin did. But as the details of the nuclear accords unfold, we should understand just how pitiful the current debate in Israel really is. We must understand that the premise of both the Right and the Left has totally collapsed. And we must adopt a new mode of dealing with Israel’s existential challenges.


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Moshe Feiglin is the former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. He heads the Zehut Party. He is the founder of Manhigut Yehudit and Zo Artzeinu and the author of two books: "Where There Are No Men" and "War of Dreams." Feiglin served in the IDF as an officer in Combat Engineering and is a veteran of the Lebanon War. He lives in Ginot Shomron with his family.


  1. At the rally for “Stop Iran Now” there was one recurring theme. Where is Chuck stop this deal. That we as Americans and free people have the responsibility to keep the promise of America. The most powerful democrat in the senate is the New York senator Chuck Schumer. I ask all Americans and Israelis to contact him and ask him “where is Chuck, kill this deal”. You might want to remind him he has Jewish grandchildren. Ask him if he wants them to grow up in a world without the protection of a Israel. If he wants to be a Queen Esther or a Hamen. If never again means anything to him. “WHERE IS CHUCK, STOP THIS DEAL”.
    Theses are his offices.
    Washington DC 202-224-6542
    Albany 518-431-4070
    NYC 212-486-4430
    Binghamton 607-772-6792
    OFFICE HOURS ARE 10:00-2:00
    Please contact your OWN senators as well especially if they are democrats. Opening up billions to a country that vows our death doesn’t really sound like a great idea. This betrayal is for money and oil. Please let your friends know. If each of us SHARES THIS POST this we will get this done. We must do this together. We are Americans, this is not a dictatorship.

  2. Israel should have bombed Iran, long, long ago. Should not have sought US advice. ISRAEL is the HEARTof the Mid-East, and therefore she is able and capable to CONTROLL ALL THE NATIONS AROUND HER, AND THAT IS INCLUDING that pariah nation of Iran. IT IS STILL NOT TOO LATE TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST THE PARIAH AYATOLLAHS

  3. Israel stands between a rock and a hard place now. Either they attack and have a war with Iran, or they do nothing and Iran will grow emboldened when they get the bomb. I wouldn’t want to be the one making that decision.

  4. Alan, was it Moshe's job to get it done or was it you hero Netanyahu who failed to get it done. There's only so much you can try to pass off on others before you stand up and take responsibility. It was an American Great President Harry Truman who had the guts to take responsibilty for things by putting a sign on his desk that said "The Buck Stops Here" Time for you and your buddy Bibi to take responsiblity

  5. We are FINALLY in a position where we MUST turn to the heavens and plead and cry to HaShem for His Salvation and do whatever it takes to appease Him and engage His Help…in one voice. It will happen! No more recriminations…we must have achdus against this formidable enemy…and with this achdus…we will win! The mothers of the teenage yeshiva students who were kidnapped and viciously murdered last summer…they demonstated ACHDUS for us…they brought us together, even for a short time. We must recapture what they taught and do this again…FOR REAL…we must love our fellow Jews, no matter how we differ from them in any way…and truly LOVE them…we must be of one head, one heart…one Jewish family and make our Father in Heaven truly happy that His Kinderlach are finally getting along. Spread the word…Tisha B'Av is almost here!!!

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