U.S. Senate

Charles Schumer. The leader of the Senate’s Democrats, he will have great power even if Republicans retain control of the Senate. An important supporter of Israel and an opponent of the Iran nuclear deal, he took great political risks in defying President Obama on the latter.



U.S. Congress

Grace Meng (6th Congressional District, Queens)

Hakeem Jeffries (8th CD, Brooklyn)

Jerrold Nadler (10th CD, Brooklyn). He has a solid track record on Israel but we were sorely disappointed by his vote for the Iran nuclear deal. He took great pains during an interview at The Jewish Press offices to explain that his vote was based on sincere risk analysis rather than political calculation. He said he was convinced Iran could not cheat undetected because cheating would require massive movements of fissionable material that could not be hidden. And he recently voted to override the president’s veto of legislation enabling victims of terrorism to sue Saudi Arabia.

We believe keeping him in Congress is the better option for America and Israel at this point. We’ll be paying close attention to his votes.

Dan Donovan (11th CD, Staten Island)


State Assembly

David Weprin (24th Assembly District, Queens)

Nily Rozic (25th AD, Queens)

Catherine Nolan (37th AD, Queens)

Helene Weinstein 42nd AD, Brooklyn)

Steven Cymbrowitz (45th AD, Brooklyn)

Pamela Harris (46th AD, Brooklyn)

William Colton (47th AD, Brooklyn)

Dov Hikind (48th AD, Brooklyn)

Tremaine Wright (56th AD, Brooklyn)

Walter Mosley (59th AD, Brooklyn)

Jamie Williams (59th AD, Brooklyn)

Herman Farrell, Jr. (71st AD, Manhattan)

Rebecca Harary (73rd AD, Manhattan). She has great concern for constituents and is running against an incumbent who, tellingly, locates his community office on a building’s seventh floor in proximity to his law office, causing inconvenience for constituents needing services.

Aaron Wieder (98th AD, Rockland County) A chassid, he is facing vicious anti-Semitic attacks depicting him as a “dirty Jew” and unwelcome in the community.


State Senate

Michael Gianaris (12th Senate District, Queens)

Simcha Felder (17th SD, Brooklyn – Boro Park)

Roxanne Persaud (19th SD, Brooklyn)

Jesse Hamilton (20th SD, Brooklyn)

Martin Golden (22nd SD, Brooklyn) Justice of the NYS Supreme Court

Mark Partnow (2nd Judicial District, Brooklyn)

Leon Ruckelsman (2nd JD, Brooklyn

Peter Sweeney (2nd JD, Brooklyn)


Judge of the Civil Court

Rachel Freier (5th Municipal Court District, Brooklyn). She’s a highly regarded, accomplished attorney with a great reputation for leading pro bono efforts and social justice projects.


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