It is still too soon to know whether San Fransisco’s stunning landslide vote last week recalling its district attorney of two years, Chesa Boudin, is a one-of-a-kind fluke or the first of a wave of similar outcomes that will free us from the grip of the “woke” forces and their anti-establishment agendas, which have taken root in state and local government across America.

San Franciscans voted to recall Boudin because he was “soft on crime.” He was one of a number of successful candidates for district attorney around the country committed to redressing what they said was systemic racism on the part of law enforcement that victimized people of color. The means to be employed were straightforward: procedures would be revised in favor of arrestees and defendants; the level of most crimes would be downgraded; some crimes would simply not be prosecuted; and substantially lower sentences would be sought across the board. New Yorkers will recall that newly elected Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg created a firestorm when he took office January 1 and offered a similar list of progressive prosecutorial changes.


Predictably, crime in San Francisco grew exponentially as perpetrators soon realized that they faced far less of a risk than before of doing serious time for an array of crimes. Equally as predictable: crime has skyrocketed in New York City. A recent poll in New York City reports that 76% of New Yorkers now worry that they will fall victim to violent crime.

Will voters finally get fired up? We hope so.


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