As we note this week on page 3, one Thomas Lopez- Pierre is campaigning for the Democratic nomination in a New York City Council primary election in September. The victor will run as the Democratic candidate for the 7th Council District in the general election in November. (The district extends from the Upper West Side through West Harlem and into Washington Heights.)

Mr. Lopez-Pierre is running in the primary against Councilman Mark Levine. And therein lies a tale. Mr. Lopez-Pierre’s platform is built around his opposition to the “greedy Jewish landlords” who have driven blacks and Hispanics from their homes.


As he puts it in his Twitter biography: “Jewish landlords OWN 80% of private rental buildings in Upper Manhattan; GUILTY of GREED for pushing Black/Hispanic tenants out.”

In one flyer to voters he ranted: “We shall rise up against greedy Jewish landlords in New York City! If our political leaders fail to protect us, we shall sacrifice blood to save our communities from the evils of gentrification.”

It would seem that this sort of bigotry should be denounced by political leaders and elected officials. Silence in the face of such canards is bad enough. But Mr. Lopez-Pierre has been widely pictured with unwitting officials and so their silence is worse still.

We all know what the reaction of elected officials would be in ultra-liberal and politically correct New York if a white candidate for office were to spout off in similar fashion against blacks or Hispanics. And their outrage would be justified. But where is the outrage over the calumnies of Mr. Lopez-Pierre?


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