Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Loves Oliner’s Column

Kudos to Martin Oliner for his outstanding column last week on the recent changes in President Trump’s cabinet. Both Mike Pompeo and John Bolton see the key issues as they are, not through rose-colored glasses and blinders as did Tillerson and McMaster. These changes bode well for resolving perhaps the most critical problems facing our civilization.


George Epstein
Los Angeles, CA


What’s Wrong With Anonymous Letters?

In a recent letter to the editor, Sergey Kadinsky expresses his disappointment with The Jewish Press’s decision to publish anonymous letters to the editor, but doesn’t really explain what his objection is. I have read numerous anonymous letters to the editor in many publications and think the vast majority of these letters are equal, or superior to, signed letters.

Publishers always screen letters to the editor before publication and I’m confident that The Jewish Press’s editors are sufficiently responsible to publish only those letters that meet their editorial standards. Those readers who prefer not to read anonymous letters to the editor are free to skip them.

Herbert Kraut
Woodmere, NY


Delighted With Retro Insert

What a great surprise to find a Jewish Press “50 Years Ago” insert in my paper last week. I enjoyed reading it immensely!

It was great reading legendary writers who are no longer with us. I felt like they came back to life when I read their articles.

I also really got a kick out of the old-time ads, including classifieds ads listing apartments for rent in Flatbush for only $70 a month and a house for sale for under $19,000!

Fifty years ago I was a young girl reading The Jewish Press and it was just so nice going down memory lane! I can just imagine what great feedback you must have gotten from so many others!

I am going to keep this insert to re-read in the future. Thanks, Jewish Press for this treasure!

Chaya Lipschutz
Brooklyn, NY