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Unity For Me, Not For Thee

It’s amazing how quickly Biden has shown us the emptiness and meaningless of his words. He gave a whole speech last week about how he will be president for all Americans and bring unity to our nation.


If these were honest statements, you’d think his reaction to Trump’s investigation into the election would be a little more cordial. Something along the lines of, “Trump has every right to investigate. Let’s see what happens.” Instead, he called it an “embarrassment.” How does such an acrimonious response bring unity?

Besides, I don’t recall Biden calling the three-year investigation of completely fabricated allegations of Russian collusion in Trump’s election an embarrassment. This dark period in American history was far more deserving of a vitriolic response than an investigation into an election for which there is clear evidence of fraud.

With mounting evidence of premeditated fraud in several states, Trump has an obligation to the American people to investigate. And Biden’s opposition to this investigation makes one wonder: Did he have any knowledge of – or was he even complicit in – election fraud?

That there’s corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party is obvious. That there was fraud in the 2020 election is almost certain. The only question that remains is: Who is the legally elected president?

Josh Greenberger
Brooklyn, NY


Losing Gracefully

Your editorial regarding the presidential election, in which you repeat theories about Joe Biden “stealing” the election via mail-in voting fraud and “shenanigans,” is disquieting.

Biden won the election. Even if the Georgia recount delivers that state to Trump (which is highly unlikely), Biden will have many more electoral votes than the required 270. Trump is entitled by law to the Georgia recount, but it won’t change anything.

Instead of putting the country ahead of his ego, President Trump seems bent on sowing distrust about our system. He has set his attack dogs – especially Rudy Giuliani – on a trail that is sewn with isolated seeds. That is, they find a small problem here or there and magnify it to create the impression of widespread fraud.

In a sprawling electoral system, with over 150 million votes cast, the chance that small mistakes were made is 100 percent. But the chance that massive mistakes, or fraud, took place is close to zero!

Trumpists are undermining confidence in our democracy. After all, if we can’t trust our electoral system, what faith can we have that our democratic system is, in fact, democratic?

John Bolton – a rock-hard conservative (and a treasured friend of the Jewish people) – saw the dangers of the Trump administration from the inside. He has called out the president for his self-serving actions. Bolton is right. Trump lacks the ability to be a graceful loser, and, because of that, our nation loses.

Avi Goldstein
Far Rockaway, NY


An Open Letter to Sen. Chuck Schumer

Senator Schumer: At a rally last week on the Georgia runoff election, you said, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change America!” Interesting that you screamed that rallying cry. What exactly do you mean by changing America?

What don’t you like about our country, senator? What changes do you want to see? The people of Georgia have a right to know. So do the people of New York. They voted you into office and should be told what you want to do with the power you cannot wait to obtain.

If there is a Democratic majority in the Senate, you will most likely be majority leader. We have the right to know what you plan to do with the power you will yield.

You have already said that you want to change the Supreme Court. Do you want to pack it? If so, tell us now! Do you want to add more states to the Union? Do you want Medicare for all like AOC and Bernie Sanders want? If so, tell us now! Do you plan to change U.S. policy toward Israel? If so, tell us now!

What role will AOC and the squad play in determining policy both nationally and in foreign policy? How far do you want to move the country toward socialism?

We deserve to hear your answers now! Not after you get power, but now, so the people of Georgia and all those who have mistakenly supported you all these years can understand where you stand.

Douglas Balin
Brooklyn, NY


All Covered

I was engaged by the picture on last week’s front page of thousands of Jewish men who attended the funeral of Rav Dovid Feinstein.

Carefully I scrutinized each face and was relieved to see that every man wore a mask. This practice will help prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Reva Luxenberg
Delray Beach


Masks Save Lives

I strongly condemn the comments made by Rabbi Michoel Green who wrote a few weeks ago that mask mandates are part of an anti-Jewish assault.

Rabbi Green erroneously states that masks shouldn’t be worn because they don’t help the wearer. He also states that there is “no direct evidence that asymptomatic transmission is even a major factor in this disease.” Furthermore, he says the benefits of mask-wearing is opposed by “plenty of medical experts” and that “wearing a mask entails risks.”

As proof that there is no expert consensus, Rabbi Green refers to a small fringe group of doctors who do not represent the mainstream medical community. Indeed, leading medical experts in infectious disease state that wearing masks saves lives. They protect others and protect wearers.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield has said, “Cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus – particularly when used universally within a community setting. All Americans have a responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.”

Meanwhile, scientific papers show that mask wearers do protect themselves and asymptomatic transmission is a major factor in this disease. The CDC has actually placed the rate of asymptomatic Covid-19 infection at 40 percent.

Rabbi Green argues that wearing a mask isn’t Jewish in nature. I wonder: Do his children wear masks on Purim? Does his wife put warm face coverings on his children’s faces before they go out in the snow? Are Jews allowed to go skiing with a ski mask?

Rabbi Green also notes that a human face is tzelem Elokim, which should never be covered. But is it more respectful to Hashem to wear a mask and be healthy or be deathly ill from Covid-19 or, worse, cause many other Jews to be sick in the ICU?

David J. Mond, MD
Miami, FL

Doom And Gloom Ahead?

The policies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will harm America. They will harm our military, our economy, our judicial system, and our foreign policy.

Looming on the horizon is a return to the Iran deal, which paved a clear path for Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Also looming is a U.S.-Israel relationship of the kind we saw during the Obama years.

And then there is government support of private schools and charter schools. Joe Biden has promised to end federal support of charter schools – a policy that will hurt inner-city children in failed schools as well as private and religious schools.

A Biden presidency also means a weakened U.S. military, which is an invitation to the dictators of the world to consider harming Americans and American interests. Have we forgotten the American hostages taken by Iranian “students” during the Jimmy Carter administration?

I hate to sound like Jeremiah, predicting gloom and doom. There is a solution. We must focus on electing a conservative Republican Congress in 2022. In the interim, we must write and call our senators and representatives in Congress. A Republican Senate can block the worst of a Biden-Harris administration.

Arthur Horn
Fort Lee, NJ


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