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Thanks for the Gift, President Biden (I)

The following was just sent to me from a friend in Israel:


“We are under attack right now. We just had to run into the bomb shelter…. Then we heard loud booms of the Iron Dome intercepting the missiles fired at us from Gaza. We had 4 years of peace and quiet under President Trumps leadership, and now with Biden sending money to the Palestinians…we are under attack again.

I am beyond angry at the 75 percent of Jews who voted for Biden. Israel is under attack. We must fight back with vigor and not hold back.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
Edison, NJ


Thanks for the Gift, President Biden (II)

On Monday, my granddaughter and her classmates had to scurry into a bomb shelter because Palestinian Arabs decided to shoot missiles into the holy capital of Jerusalem.

I would like to thank President Biden for affording my American granddaughter this opportunity to witness the consequences of a depraved foreign policy in the Middle East.

Under President Trump, there were very few attacks against Jews or against Jerusalem. The Arabs understood that President Trump would not, and did not, tolerate such terrorist actions.

President Trump cut off millions of dollars to the Palestinian Arabs and crippled their Pay-to-Slay program. So the Palestinian Arabs started to act more civilized and refrained from terrorist activity.

But instead of learning from Trump’s practical policy, Biden and his Obama retreads rushed to dole out millions of American taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Arabs leaders who relished restarting their attacks against Israel.

My granddaughter is wondering why Biden and his cabinet would hand over in such a cavalier manner millions of American hard-earned money to known terrorist Moslem leaders. She continues to contemplate the depressing concept that perhaps this president hates Israel and its people.

What other explanation can there be for an American president to shower terrorists with money that’s used for weapons to produce mayhem, destruction, and murder?

Freda Goldman
Baltimore, MD


Fulfilling a Campaign Promise?

The out-of-control surge in gun violence in New York City make one wonder if Mayor Bill de Blasio’s complete negligence in enforcing the law is due to his desire to deliver on a campaign promise: In his first run for mayor, he kept running an ad in which he said he wanted to “give everyone a shot.”

Josh Greenberger
Brooklyn, NY


Inspiring Op-Ed

It was truly inspiring to read Rabbi Dov Fischer’s op-ed last week. His story was well-received by family members when I read it at my Shabbos table.

To “never sell out” is often an elusive goal, as career and livelihood demands present challenges to our beliefs and values. So kudos to Rabbi Fischer for having achieved it.

In his op-ed, Rabbi Fischer twice mentioned Rabbi Meir Kahane. That’s no coincidence.  In his weekly column in The Jewish Press, and through his accomplishments helping free Soviet Jewry, Rabbi Kahane inspired many Jews to be active on behalf of Am Yisrael and never compromise on Torah principles.

David Ferster


Teachers Need to Be Taught Too

I just finished reading Marc Gronich’s article in last week’s paper, “Holocaust Studies Not Being Properly Taught in New York Schools,” and I’m not surprised at his discoveries.

With all the museums, all the efforts of Jewish organizations, all the money spent, and all the efforts of politicians to educate the American populace about the Shoah, one would think that American students – especially in New York and New Jersey – would obtain a solid understanding of this terrible chapter in human history.

But to educate students about the Holocaust, teachers need to be educated about the Holocaust themselves. How many history teachers of high-school students, for example, know the difference between a concentration camp, a slave labor camp, an extermination camp, a relocation camp in America, and a reconcentrado in 1890s Cuba?

Joel M. Glazer
Elizabeth, NJ


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