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I Remember Fine

What warms my heart is the republishing of Arnold Fine’s “I Remember When!” columns.


I first read, in 1966, “Air Conditioner For Sale – Cheap and Hardly Used” (Sept. 3) It reminded me that I also fought traffic on the jammed thruway. In this difficult time of Covid-19 and anti-Semitism it soothed my emotions and put a smile on my face to read the same column 45 years later. Keep publishing Fine’s fine words.

Reva Luxenberg
Delray Beach, FL


A Normal Derasha

As I read “The New Normal” (by Rabbis Shaanan Gelman and Ariel Rackovsky, Sept. 3) on the last Shabbos of the year, I was immensely moved.

These two rabbis have articulated perfectly the approach and avodah we need to have as we enter the yemei ha’din. The world and society are topsy-turvy in a myriad of ways – many of which were around even before Covid-19 made its inglorious debut. Halevai, Hashem should grant us normalcy; that would be a delightful yeshuah.

This article is the Rosh Hashana derasha for our age.

Baruch Levy
Via email


No Parole

For Sirhan Sirhan

I was just a teenager but I remember well the assassination of Robert Kennedy – and how it shook the culture in general (“Parole Recommended for RFK Assassin Sirhan Sirhan,” Sept. 3). To think that they are seriously considering paroling that man is disturbing.

Robert Packer
Via email


This Incompetent Administration

Regarding your editorial “Some Quick Questions About the Post-Afghanistan World” (Sept 3), President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their administration are the perfect example of the Peter Principle. They have all been promoted to their level of incompetence.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, NY


Trump Would Have Been Worse

While Biden’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was remarkably clumsy and poorly-executed, if anyone thinks Trump would have performed a better job of ending that 20-year war, then they weren’t paying attention to one of the clumsiest and most chaotic White Houses in recent memory.

Boruch Schwartzbard


A Prompted Recipe

I loved the inventive Word Prompt answer from Naomi Nachman (Word Prompt, Apples, Sept. 3). And I can’t wait to make her Apple cinnamon bourekas with honey-tahini drizzle l’kavod Yom Tov.

Thank you!
C.S. Schwartz
Brooklyn, NY


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