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Common Sense Gun Control

Rabbi Judah Kerbel (“I Will Provide Peace In The Land,” May 12) penned a very poignant and well-written article about gun violence. I am a supporter of the Second Amendment, but there needs to be a common-sense vetting process for those who should be permitted to obtain such lethal weaponry. A criminal background check is a must. There should also be a requisite investigation of family members and known associates. Furthermore, one’s right to HIPAA privacy should be forfeit when seeking to obtain firearms, because mental health vetting of applicants is a vital safeguard. A person should be permitted to purchase firearms only when the above vetting procedures have been satisfactorily completed. Obtaining guns should only be a right for law-abiding citizens in good mental health who have no affiliations with any unsavory or dangerous individuals. Then, and only then should a person be permitted to acquire such dangerous and deadly armaments.


There should be at least a bi-annual update of a firearm owner’s qualifications, including their training and proficiency. All the above may appear to be a bit much, but at the end of the day those that should be permitted to own guns will have them and others justifiably will not. Unless, of course, obtained illegally. That’s a whole other law enforcement issue that needs to be addressed as well. Stay safe and well.

George Weiss
Brooklyn, N.Y.


Beware Social Security Scare

Shame on Senator Chuck Schumer for scaring 65 million seniors by claiming that if we don’t extend the federal government debt ceiling, they may not receive their monthly Social Security check. Schumer should be aware as a member of Congress that in 1996 they passed a law, Section 1145, “Protection of Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds.” This legislation ensures that Social Security checks will keep flowing, even if the United States government begins defaulting on its other existing financial obligations. The law allows Social Security and Medicare trust funds to be drawn down to continue paying benefits until the debt limit is raised. It also prevents those funds from being used to pay for any other government programs. Uncle Sam has taken in over $2 trillion in revenue for fiscal year 2023. Rest assured, Schumer that his wife, Iris Weinshall, and millions of seniors will still receive their SSI checks. Perhaps Schumer needs to take a cognitive memory test so constituents can be sure he is aware of the facts.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, N.Y.


Biased Media Hides Vital Information

I believe that in the next two months, information will be revealed that:

  1. Joe Biden and his group will be shown to be the most corrupt and damaging in American history.
  2. Deputy Secretary of State Blinken (now Secretary of State) wrote and organized the 51 key intelligence officers to sign a statement that the Hunter Biden laptop computer was fake news even though John Ratcliff, the top intelligence officer, told him their letter was false.
  3. The cooperation of the vast majority of the news media continually worked for the benefit of Biden and his administration. This reminds me of the story of Angela Raubal – how media compliance with evil resulted in disaster.
  • The unsolved and hastily covered up death in September 1931 of Hitler’s half-niece and his romantic obsession resulted in keeping important information from the German public. She was killed by Hitler’s gun but he claimed it was suicide.
  • The Nazi Party was very worried about news of the scandal getting publicity because that could bring about serious investigations. The party was worried because research would show there was a string of young ladies who also dated or lived with Hitler and also ended up dead.
  • As a result, the Nazi party had a “full court press” to keep Angela Raubal’s death secret. They appealed to the news media’s patriotism and antisemitism, and used bribery, threats of violence, actual violence, and in a few cases murder. Unfortunately for the world, Germany, and especially the Jewish people, very few people in Germany knew of Angela Raubal’s death. And in January 1933 Adolf Hitler came to power.

The problem is that the almost universal bias of the news media is keeping vital information from the American public. Their progressive/woke ideology is leading our nation down a path to disaster. Illegal actions are being ignored.

Charles Winfield
Princeton, N.J.

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