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The funeral of Daphna Meir z"l

Forget about the fact that Jordan was governing the entire West Bank and Egypt had the entire Gaza strip between 1948-1967 and the 1967 lines have absolutely nothing to do with an Arab people called Palestinians, forget about the fact that even before the 1967 war Arabs were trying to annihilate the Jewish people.

Forget about it all! Let’s say it’s all true! What kind of sick world do we live in when stabbing a Jewish mother to death is considered “no news” in the best case scenario and a “justified reaction to a political conflict” in the worst case scenario!


I blame ourselves for not standing up for truth and our rights.

I blame ourselves for giving in to this new age “libertard” “smoke your peace pipe” garbage instead of yelling the truth from the rooftops.

A full generation of Israelis grew up being told we occupied, stole, conquered an Arab country called Palestine.

 I dare anyone here to give me the year we occupied a place called Palestine from the Arabs! I dare anyone to give me the year an Arab country, State or national land called Palestine EVER existed! I dare you!

We have an entire generation of kids who when asked who was in Jerusalem pre-1967 they answer, the Palestinians! Why does Netanyahu mention a “Two State solution”? Why are we so scared to simply tell the truth! This is the Land of Israel and there will be no new Arab or Islamic State on this small country called Israel.

I blame ourselves for even contemplating splitting up this land that is smaller than the size of New Jersey and giving it away to the same people who have been trying to destroy us, even though they have 22 countries that are 500 times the size of Israel! I blame ourselves for accepting rocket fire from Gaza ( the area we ridiculously uprooted 10,000 Jewish families from) for 10 years before reacting!

I blame ourselves for the fact that we have accepted a reality that a Jew wishing to pray on the Temple Mount is considered a criminal and is arrested.

What now? Where do we go from here?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know what it’s not!

This whole “peace” fabrication that we have been sold for the past 20 years is NOT WORKING! Making concession to those who want us dead in the hope they will stop, is NOT WORKING! Apologizing to the world for a crime we did not commit in order to gain popularity, is NOT WORKING!

Here’s an idea:

  • How about stop believing the world is going to be on our side no matter what we do!
  • How about annex Judea and Samaria and let them once again be a part of the Land of Israel. Not out of revenge but out of our historical right and the fact that both those areas are where we, the Jewish people, belong!
  • How about explaining loud and clear that Hebron is the burial place of our forefathers and mothers.
  • How about screaming the fact that WE, the Jewish people were in Jerusalem long before Islam ever existed!
  • How about point out the fact that Jerusalem has been free ONLY under the Jewish State.
  • How about proclaiming the Temple Mount as the TEMPLE MOUNT and put our damn foot down and say, YES! We will allow Jews to freely pray there.
  • How about we stop acting like victims and start standing up for ourselves in the face of terrorism!

How about we all show up tomorrow at Dafna’s funeral to apologize and promise to make some changes….



  1. Everyone needs to have a voice and be heard, letting the world know that we all stand with Israel, its people and ALL of the land. They have the right to live in all of Israel, without any restrictions, and be treated with the same respect given to all other nations. Israel and the Jewish people of the world have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of security, safety, happiness and prosperity. AM ISRAEL CHAI. ISRAEL FOREVER.

  2. Finally someone is saying what I have been saying for years: it is mostly Israel's – and her supporting Jews – fault for not standing firm for what is right, for the truth, against the hate the world dishes to her while she bends backwards to appease it. ENOUGH of the BS, time to stop victimhood and point the finger at an ill world – J'accuse…!

  3. I recently made Aliyah. In London I went on protest after protest against the BDS. Where are the street protests here against this vile, horrendous murdering barbarism? I will gladly join it. This is a democracy. We should be using our democratic right to show the government and the world that enough is enough!

  4. It is hard to argue with anything that is written in this article.
    We are indeed tip-toeing around world-opinion, always trying to appease others even at the expense of Israel's security and well-being.

    I think the main problem is we do not have confidence in ourselves. We do not believe Jews and the State of Israel depends only on the unity and mutual responsibility of the Jewish People and if we had such foundations we would not need anybody else to "support" or "protect" us.
    We are still afraid of saying all those so called friends of ours are like the emperor without clothes because we do not believe in ourselves.

    There is only one solution: rebuilding our Nation on the same national unity and absolute mutual responsibility this Nation was established upon at Sinai.
    Then we might actually see that all those "others" that are doubting, hating, boycotting us today would make a complete turn around wanting to follow us.

    Why? Because today they are all drowning in barbaric chaos since they have no idea how to build mutually complementing cooperation in a global world that has become completely interdependent.
    Only our positive example – unity above inherent differences, mutual cooperation despite unfounded hatred – can save everybody.

  5. There will never be peace as long as, children from the age of 2 and 3 years old, are being taught to use hate speech against the Jewish people, trained to use knives to kill Jewish people.
    Also those who instead of having school holidays are being trained as soldiers to kill Jewish civilians in Israel. Soon the Moshiach will come and then watch and see what happens. All killing and hate speech will end and God willing we will finally be able to live our lives in peace and without fear ever again.

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