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Jewish lives are a bargain these days.

I have lost count of the number of Jews stabbed, shot, car rammed, raped and now also beheaded in the Jewish state of Israel with zero serious consequences to the Abbas regime, which continues to dispatch and celebrate the perpetrators. The Israeli government, I am sad to say, but these are the facts, does not place a high premium on Jewish lives.


Meanwhile, Egypt is gassing Hamas terrorists with poison gas in their smuggling tunnels.

Had Israel done such a thing the words ‘gassing just like the Nazis’ would be making headlines, the UN would be condemning Israel as a hooligan state and masses of leftist Jews would be howling bitter tears and crying kaddish.

But it’s all about context, of course. If you are a Muslim government, you are entitled to your illegal poison gas and if Egypt feels like gassing a couple of Arabs – who are we, progressive Europeans and Americans, to argue? After all, Arabs kill Arabs every single day in the ‘diverse’ Middle East.

Arab lives – just like African or Asian lives – don’t really matter to the inherently racist progressives of the West. The only time that Westerners give a damn about Arab lives is when Jews defend themselves against them. Suddenly, even a slap in the face of a terrorist becomes a war crime and the Jew must be loudly condemned and put in his rightful place.

In the end, however, this is Israel’s mental problem. It is neither a military, nor a political problem, but a psychological problem. The bullied Jew in the diaspora would historically internalize the antisemitism and become fearful, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible, a psychologically understandable response. Israel, however, is still acting like that Jew, despite being fully capable of defending itself. If Israel were to act like Egypt, it would gain respect in the Arab world, but be condemned in the West. If Israel were to use the death sentence on terrorists, Israel would deter future terrorists and gain respect in the Arab world, but be condemned in the West.

Groundbreaking news: Israel is located in the midst of the Arab world, not next to Lichtenstein. Might we begin to internalize this fact?


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Judith Bergman is a writer, columnist, lawyer and political analyst.