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King Abdullah of Jordan with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

{Exclusive to The Jewish Press}

The image Jordan’s king has established for himself in the US is that of a moderate Westernized ruler.  Even further, after ISIS killed the Jordanian pilot last year, Jordan’s king portrayed himself as a warrior king combating terrorism.  Nonetheless, in the few lines, you will see, with documented evidence, that Jordan’s king has been supporting ISIS, at best, with his recklessness and incompetence, or at worst; he empowers ISIS on purpose for reasons that will be explained here.


To start with the facts, on 15 October 2015, several Arab media outlets and even Iran’s official AlAlam News Agency, confirmed reports that 4,500 trucks sold by Toyota to the Jordanian government have all ended up in the hands of ISIS. The Jordanian government did not even comment on the matter, despite the fact that Jordan’s spokesman, Al-Momani, has commented on every single other thing said against Jordan in the media, why couldn’t he even mention this subject?

Also, how could those trucks have ended up in ISIS hands? and even more puzzling, Jordan’s army uses American-made HumVees, it never uses Toyotas, so, why did Jordan’s regime buy those trucks in the first place?

More facts: Earlier in 2014, and while ISIS was still a new hot story in the media, renowned Egyptian writer and investigative journalist, Mohamed Hassanein Heikal,  (who has historically been close to the Egyptian intelligence and state), told his interviewer on Egypt’s CBC news: He had an alarming report of who supplies ISIS with weapons and supports it, and added that “A senior Jordanian statesman has received $40 million from ISIS in exchange of supplying it with weapons, fighters and trucks”.

Who was Heikal talking about? Let’s not forget, Jordan’s regime is a one-man-show, the king runs everything, and interferes in everything, be it a business, or even a sports club, how is it possible some other senior statesman in Jordan is doing business with ISIS without the king knowing? Unless it is perhaps the king himself?

But could Jordan’s king do business with ISIS? That sure sounds like a far-fetched fantasy, or is it?

Fact is: The king openly does business with ISIS and this has been documented by none other than CNN itself.  On 4 September 2014, a CNN-Arabic report confirmed Jordan was one of ISIS black market oil customers along with Turkey.  This by itself is huge business for the king as his government controls oil imports for Jordan, and sells it for very high prices to Jordanians, and of course, he buys it from ISIS for a hugely discounted price like the rest of all ISIS oil customers.  So, the king does business with ISIS directly, because his government is merely a façade for him as he controls the prime minister of Jordan by the constitution of Jordan itself.

Further, on 24 December 2015, Syrian Foreign Minister, AlMualem, told the media global anti-ISIS effort must focus on stopping the flow of terrorists from Jordan and Turkey into Syria.

According to the International Centre for The Study of Radicalization and Political Violence, New York Times and others, in 2015, Jordan had the highest percentage of ISIS fighters per one million citizens per population, in fact, close to 350 fighters per a million citizens.

With Jordan’s population of almost 7 million; the actual number of Jordanians who has joined ISIS exceeds 2,500.  While a country of 90 million like Egypt has produced only less than 1000 ISIS fighters.  This proves the Syrian government was right and that Jordan’s government is either unable to control its borders or at worst choosing to allow those terrorists to cross its borders to join the terror group.

More alarming; Jordanian ISIS fighters have come from the king’s army and security agencies.  For example, AlMajali, a Jordanian air force captain who joined ISIS in 2012 and died fighting for it in 2014, was cousin to then Jordan’s top security minister, Hussein Majali.  Further, the son of a senior Jordanian parliament member and a king’s loyalist, joined ISIS despite his father pleading on the media for three months that his son was about to join ISIS through Ukraine. The Jordanian government didn’t seem to have done anything to stop the young man from joining ISIS and taking part in a major suicide bombing.  Surprisingly, that young man was related to the Jordanian pilot burnet alive by ISIS last year and came from the same Southern village known for its loyalty to the king himself.

This shows ISIS ideology has been well-vested in the Jordanian regime’s establishment itself.  Therefore, it was no surprise to us Jordanians that a senior counter-terrorism police officer opened fire on American trainers on 11 September 2016 killing 5 people.

While all of the above could at best be explained as recklessness, incompetence and mismanagement from the king’s part, still this excuse could not fly for the king’s incitement against Israel and his anti-Semitic statements which are identical to those used in ISIS propaganda videos.

The king-contorted state media has been engaged in an anti-Semitic campaign since last June. The Israeli Embassy in Amman publically criticized the king’s anti-Semitic media rhetoric twice, on 25 June 2015 and on 4 September 2015, noted the king’s media was even calling for stabbing and killing Jews “as a model that must be expanded”.

Further, in November 2015, the king went on state TV, wearing his military uniform, and said: Israel kills ‘our kids every five minutes in Jerusalem and Gaza,’ and that there is Zionist terrorism.

On the other hand, the king still refuses to shut down Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB), who was described a month ago by Jordan’s former deputy prime minister—and current vice president of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace— Marwan Mouasher as: The Muslim Brotherhood has always come from the womb of the Hashemite regime”.

In fact, the MB operates its largest TV network from Amman, which runs shows supporting all the values of ISIS. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt have all demanded publically that Jordan shuts down the MB, and the king went on state media in 2014 to say he would never shut the MB down.

ISIS Leader, Al-Baghdadi, is an ex-MB member, so was Ben Laden and his successor AlZawahiri, how could the king be against ISIS while ISIS’ mother, the MB, has its global headquarters 3 miles away from the king’s own palace in Amman?

In conclusion: Jordan’s king is either incompetent and has lost control of the country, and therefore could not confront ISIS, or at worst, he is empowering ISIS shrewdly in order to make himself look more important to the West in the line of working both ends against the middle.  In both cases ISIS is benefiting from the king and his regime.

It is either that Western powers must straighten the king out or let him go, or else, Jordan could fall prey to ISIS and we Jordanians, Israelis and Palestinians will suffer and the king would flee and then watch the mess from the safety of his legendary retirement mansion in the Surrey, or perhaps the other one in California.




  1. I would love to hear or read what OBAMA and the Whitehouse has to say. Especially since they still funnel $$ into Jordan and support them. Having have had experiences with Arabs, there is an old saying: The Arab is your friend as long as it is in his interest and as long as he benefits from you. They day you turn your back on them that is when the real truth comes out.

  2. this, if true is ironic – After the 6-day war, it was a vast number of jordanians who were not allowed to return to Jordan – so, were they left in no-man's land to spread their shmutz or were they so rotten even Jordan didn't want them back? – Maybe this situation of Jordan's participation isn't so difficult to comprehend.

  3. I totally agree, on top of that
    the king is spreading the extremist ideology among his citizen in order to market himself and his wife as the only liberal people in Jordan. We are getting sick of this terrorit king and its time for a new moderate Jordanian opposition to take over so that we can all live in peace in the Middle East

  4. Dave Lo Dave, now I know which catagory you fall into, 4) A non Muslim who is a useful idiot, who believes what he is told by Muslims, if so you are very dangerous to our society and civilisation.

    Please don't take this as a personal insult, as it is not, you are well meaning to some degree but badly informed.

    Jesus in the main preached peace, perhaps you can find verses of violence in you bible however is is NOT the direct word of God as the Quran is supposed to be.

    You have derided the links I have posted, however as far as the ones in the previous post the content can all be verified elsewhere as to the verses of violence and the abrogation of the peaceful verses. I strongly recommend you do some research using the list of scholars I gave you. they will clarify as to whether or not ISIS are misinterpreting the Quran or not. Using the word of Imams and Islamic websites are obviously biased and not to be trusted as lying is a tactic of war in Islam.

    Bill Warner
    Robert Spencer
    Pamela Geller
    Brigitte Gabrial
    Geert Wilders
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    Pat Condell
    Mosab Hassan Yousef – an ex Muslim

    That there are so many denominations of Christianity is proof of the use of interpretation, which cannot be done with the Quran as I have shown, also Christians are not killing eachother because of these differences, is a testament to how far we have come as a civilisation. Contrast this with Sunni and Shia Muslims who are now killing eachother wholesale.

    You are guilty of judging Islam by your own Judeo/Christians standards, you can't as they are completely different, please see this website which can be verified by many others:

    Obviously if you were to ask a Muslim he may well deny all knowledge of it.

    All the above arguments aside, look around you, Sweden the rape capital of the world, the mass rapes in Europe recently, no go areas in Sweden, the UK and many other European countries.

    The demands for Sharia law in Europe and probably America as well, there is a concerted effort to change and destroy our society. People like you who defend the Islamic drive are used to cover up what is going on and to lull the West into a false sense of security, you are being used a tool to further Islamic aims.

    Study the works of the scholars above then come back to me.

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