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Peace And Love Won’t Defeat Anti-Semites

Mass murderers who target certain ethnic groups are evil. Mass murderers who randomly slay people at country music concerts, movie theaters, and high schools are evil. Attending a diversity-oriented activity will not make one bit of difference to a mass murderer.

Vicious Anti-Semitism – From A Congresswoman

Tlaib accused U.S. senators sponsoring a law against the BDS movement of looking out for the interests of Israel rather America's, ironic considering that she literally wore a Palestinian flag while pledging herself to the Palestinian Arab cause when she was sworn into office.

Why Is The IDF Drafting Women Against Their Will?

Every Jew has a moral obligation to protest and lobby against the IDF’s tactics and policies in drafting women – whether these women are religious or not. Refusal to do so is equivalent to enabling abuse and immorality.

Israel and Social Justice

The BDS and social justice warriors are so misaligned and so distorted, they fail to represent real justice. Have they ever done anything beneficial to the very people in whose name they claim to be carrying out their activities?

NGO Monitor: Amnesty Int’l Planning an Assault on Israel & Jews in 2019

Leaked documents seen by NGO Monitor indicate that Amnesty International will conduct a series of intense campaigns singling out Israel in early 2019. Objective: To delegitimize Jewish historical connections to Jerusalem and elsewhere, as well as promote BDS against Israel.

Why the US Diaspora Misunderstands Israel

Progressives (and not just in the United States) think that the two-state solution would fulfill Palestinian aspirations.

Has UNIFIL Forgotten What Its Mandate Is?

Instead of maintaining just a monitoring mode, UNIFIL does have a mandate to search homes when there is evidence of violations. Clearly, the role of UNIFIL was not intended to be as passive as it has become.

International Institutions Are Failing to Protect Israel

Not only did the UN fail to condemn the terrorist group threatening Israel’s south, it also failed to take action against the terrorist group threatening Israel’s north.

France in Free Fall

A group of retired generals published an open letter, saying that signing the Global Compact was a further step towards "the abandonment of national sovereignty" and noted that "80% of the French population think that immigration must be halted or regulated drastically".

Foreign-funded Left-Wing NGOs Ready to Influence Israeli Election

Their common denominator: grassroots activism, declared political objectives and considerable funding from abroad. This network of NGOs could become a central player in the upcoming election.

How Historians Will See Canary Mission Years From Now

Canary Mission tracks social media and videos, capturing BDS, anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic expressions, triangulating them into individual profiles that expose and create permanent highly-visible records of the words and images BDS and SJP leaders actually use.

Israel Must Make a Decision on Gaza

For over a decade, Israel has avoided deciding whether its interests are better served by maintaining the current “two Palestinian states” status quo, or by seeing Gaza rejoin the Palestinian Authority. The result is an untenable, chronic-crisis situation that empowers Mahmoud Abbas and is a lose-lose for Israel.

Iran Hosts Palestinian Terror Group, Sparking Fears of New Attacks

Tehran supports Palestinian terrorism on Israel, violating multiple sanctions laws

The New York Times Incentivizes Hamas Violence

Contrast what Israel does with how the Palestinians treat terrorists who willfully target and kill Jewish children, women and other civilians. The Palestinian Authority pays their families rewards – in effect bounties -- for their willful acts of murder. Hamas promotes and lionizes terrorists who kill Jews. But you would not know any of that from reading the one-sided New York Times screed....All in all, it is a shockingly irresponsible report.

Regulating Yeshivos? A Call For Compromise

The law gives everyone just enough rights to hurt children, not help them.

The Educational Guidelines: What Everyone Is Missing

Many worry about yeshivos being forced to teach so many hours of secular studies that Torah instruction will have to be curtailed.

The European Right Are Friends, Not Fascists

First, in all European countries and other important regions in the world, the national Right is growing stronger, and therefore, we must devote our main political efforts to cultivating ties with right-wing parties. Second, the Left is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic.

What Is Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch’s Legacy? An Appreciation on His 130th Yahrzeit

The slogan most famously associated with Rav Hirsch is Torah im Derekh Eretz. What Rav Hirsch meant by these words is that the Torah is not inherently connected to any one particular culture or civilization.

Lost Votes Could Sink Israel’s Right

A situation in which Habayit Hayehudi, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu Party, Yisrael Beytenu, and Shas are all hovering near the minimum electoral threshold would be a dangerous one. So dangerous that the right could lose power.

Smearing Israel: The New York Times Suggests an Israeli War Crime

Does one errant IDF bullet warrant moral equivalence with Hamas terror tunnels?

Palestinians’ New Year’s Resolutions

Palestinian leaders are not offering their people a better life, prosperity, security and stability. Instead, the leaders are urging Palestinians to continue hating Israel and the US. They are urging Arab countries not to make peace with Israel: they consider normalization with Israel an act of treason.

The Growing Poverty of Political Debate

The massive development of cyberspace has given single-issue politics an unexpected boost. Today, almost anyone anywhere in the word could create his or her own echo-chamber around a pet subject

Top Jewish Stories of 2018

This year American Jews almost experienced a tragedy: It was rumored that Entenmann’s was going to lose its kosher certification.

NY Times End of Year Epic Smear

In a 4700-word story about a Palestinian medic killed in Gaza border violence, there is no mention of the thousand Hamas rockets fired into Israel in 2018 and Israeli families sleeping in shelters. There is no mention of Hamas chieftains leading chants of "Death to Israel."


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