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Dirty Little Secret of the ‘Diversity’ Agenda

The default narrative on the left singles out Israel for demonization based on lies and distortions afforded to no other country, people or cause, and which has legitimized anti-Semitic tropes straight out of Nazi or medieval Christian playbooks.

When Tragedy Turns to Farce

The wounds never heal. The memory is still fresh. And one reason is that we can't find closure. Like Groundhog Day, each day is the same thing. Every time we try to put the bombing behind us, it comes back and rears its ugly head.

Representative Kalish Must Resign

Kalish has let the public believe that an Orthodox rabbi can celebrate gay marriage and abortion-on-demand. Doesn’t he care about the Chillul Hashem he is causing?

Holocaust Denial, Dementia and Israel

Holocaust denial is a kind of amoral cultural Alzheimer’s, and what makes it worse is that, unlike dementia, it is an intentional disease

Palestinian Jihad Against Peace

The message that Abbas and his officials are sending to the Arabs: "You need to join us in our campaign to stop our leaders from making peace with Israel. You must condemn any leader who seeks normalization with Israel as a traitor."

Fabric of Europe made with anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism, integral to European culture, was developed in a dominating hostile Christian environment over more than a millennium. In recent decades, the hatred towards Jews found in European societies mutated partly into anti-Israelism, which targets the Jewish state.

Popularity Waning, Hamas Concerned Over Palestinian Rivals in Gaza

While Hamas’s sovereignty in Gaza is unrivaled—largely through a reign of terror and internal repression—actual popular support for the terror group could be decreasing.

NY Gov. Cuomo: Ban Death Penalty; Kill Unborn Children

Cuomo finds unborn babies more threatening than murderers

Behind Europe’s anti-Semitism ‘Perception Gap’

Disturbing confirmation that opinion in Europe about “the Jews” and their troubles is much more divided than one might have hoped.

Jewish ‘Dreamers’ Are, Thankfully, Dreaming No Longer

Dreams can come true. But it takes rigorous work, devoted and dedicated teachers, hardworking administrators, and very significant resources to make them true for those with special needs;

Do Walls Work?

Trump’s wall proposal is based, at least in part, on Israel’s two very notable border walls, both built in the past two decades. Walls work.

It’s Time for Outrage, Not Silence

Martin Luther King was absolutely correct: If we are silent in moments like these, our lives have literally begun to end.

Supporting Faculty on Israel: Now More than Ever

The on-campus BDS movement has benefited greatly from the normalizing of anti-Semitism in the US and around the world. The American university is now in many instances a toxic environment for both students and faculty who have an open mind about Israel. Those faculty who risk their jobs, tenure, and grant funding to speak openly on Israel’s behalf need support now more than ever.

‘Break the Silence’ Is NY Times’ Latest Anti-Israel Smear

The disproportionate focus on criticism of Israel, including its very existence, is hardly a new phenomenon.

Evidence Mounting that US BDS Groups are Fronts for Terror Organizations

Emerging evidence suggests that the BDS movement has extensive ties to Palestinian terrorist organizations, using the “social justice” movement as a veritable human shield for anti-Israel ideology and activism.

Time To Be Honest: Trump’s Plan Is Dangerous

And so long as no Trump administration official will explicitly say that the plan will not involve creating a Palestinian state, there is good reason to fear that it will, in fact, involve exactly that.

There Was A Time When Leaders Did Denounce Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam — 25...

There was a time when leaders were more interested in calling out the anti-Semitism of The Nation of Islam than in forming alliances with the group--and those days are gone

Learned Nothing in 18 Years

, Zehut (“Identity” in English) is a new political party in Israel that was started by myself and a few others, including Moshe Feiglin who is our party’s Chairman. The Zehut plan calls for assisted emigration for all Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Part 1 deals with those who want to leave and offers them full compensation for their homes (if built legally) and financial assistance to take their families out of Israel.

Termites, Bigots and GOATs: Rationalizing Complicity with Anti-Semitism

People who support Louis Farrakhan because of the alleged good he does for the Black community and despite his overt anti-Semitism are complicit in bigotry, and those who march under the banner of such bigots are only one degree removed from such complicity.

Israel and Abbas: Security Cooperation + Terrorism

At one and the same time, the PA indirectly encourages terrorism while pursuing extensive security cooperation with Israel to quell it. Israel accepts this contradictory framework and will probably continue to do so, even during the succession crisis that is likely to follow Abbas’s demise.

The New Palestinian ‘Catastrophe’: A Shopping Mall Hiring Palestinians

If a Palestinian who buys Israeli milk is a traitor in the eyes of Fatah, it is not difficult to imagine the fate of any Palestinian who would dare to discuss compromise with Israel. If he is lucky, he will have a close encounter with a firebomb. If he is not lucky, he will be hanged in a public square.

Trump and a World Without Marshall Gary Cooper

Unwittingly, perhaps, and in his unorthodox way, Trump may have invited Americans to also contemplate the choice they have.

Moshe Arens: Product of a ‘Proud Generation’

In the image of his ideological mentor, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Latvia-born Israeli became a pillar of professional and political achievement—a voice of reason during the crucial development of the Jewish state.


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