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Recently, Palestinians humiliated Jordan’s king in an unprecedented fashion. The king sent his Chief Islamic Supreme Justice, Ahmad Huliel, his Minister of Islamic Waqf and few other officials on a visit to Al-Aqsa mosque. The minute Huliel stood to deliver a speech, the worshipers began insulting him, Jordan’s king and Jordan’s government. Huliel tried to deliver his speech, nonetheless, the worshippers continued to demand that he leaves and according to eye witnesses and videos of the incident on YouTube, he had to step down from Al-Aqsa’s podium, Manbar, and left the holy shrine in fear, narrowly saved from the angry crowd by the security guards.

The worshipers chased the King’s officials out, a source who was present confirmed the humiliating taunts; the nastiest being: “Al mkashouf, al mkashouf, Hashemi ma bedna nshouf” Translation:  “Openly, openly, we don’t want to see any Hashemites here.”


Very shortly after the incident, Jordan’s king Minister of Islamic Waqf claimed to the media “it was a only a small group of worshipers who were involved, and that they all belonged to the Islamist Salafist group, Hizb Al-Tahrir,” which is considered radical even by the Muslim Brotherhood’s standards. The minister also blamed Israel by saying: “The fact that Hizb Al-Tahrir members are allowed entry into Al-Aqsa by Israel along with their banners and flags could have not been a coincidence.”

Despite the minister’s claim, videos of the incident uploaded into YouTube do not show banners of Hizb Al-Tahrir, nor do they show that it was “only a small group” which kicked out Jordan’s envoys, in fact it shows an a mob involving most of the worshipers present. Also, one day after the incident, Hizb Al-Tahrir issued an official statement in which it said: “Our party has the courage to admit of things it does, and has done much bigger things than the incident, but in this case it was not our party’s members but rather all of the worshipers who did it.”

A Hizb Al-Tahrir sympathizer, who is a resident of Jerusalem, contacted me over Facebook, saying he wanted to clarify what happened, he confirmed: “It was not Hizb Al-Tahrir, it was everyone inside the mosque” adding: “He, Heuleil, began praising Jordan’s king’s role in ‘protecting’ Al-Aqsa and Jordanian army’s martyrs who died ‘defending it’, this is where the worshippers lost it.”

The incident comes at a time of significance; Jordan’s king has been, since 2013, promoting a new peace plan. Yediot Aharonot ran a report in 2014 confirming the entire Kerry peace plan was proposed to President Obama by Jordan’s king in 2013. The details of the plan were later leaked by the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspapers: Jordan’s king would absorb the Palestinian Authority and he would have gradual control over the entire West Bank, pushing Israel back to its 1967 borders. The plan dictated that he would expand and further sustain his position as the Islamic custodian of Muslim and Christian holy places in Jerusalem, and even would look into controlling certain parts of the city. All in exchange of the king getting $55 billion (with the B) for “hosting and supporting the Palestinian refugees”; and refugees here mean his Jordanians Palestinians, who make up 88% of his kingdom’s population.

According to Al-Quds Al-Arabi and a few other sources, the Obama administration, the Palestinian Authority and, of course, the king, all like the idea. Further, the king has mobilized writers and lobbyists in Washington DC and elsewhere to promote the concept. In fact, many do indeed fantasize about “handing the West Bank to Jordan’s king”, so “he could fix all the problems” and “keep the Palestinians under control.”


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Mudar Zahran is the Secretrary General of the Jordanian Coalition of Opposition, a known Jordanian- Palestinian politician and writer, who now resides in the UK as a political refugee. His writings regularly appear in Arab, Israeli, and American publications.


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  2. I hope the anti-Israel crowd actually READ this well written piece, all the way through!!!!

    Points of interest:
    1) “Palestinians” make up 88% of Jordan’s population – the Heshemite Kingdom of Jordan. More on that below.

    2) Every “Palestinian” living in “The West Bank” has a Jordanian passport – that’s because “The West Bank” refers to the western bank of the Jordan River, and the land was illegally occupied by Jordan prior to the 1967 war, and after they lost that war they left people behind – those people became “Palestinians”.

    3) There IS apartheid against the “Palestinians”, just not in Israel – check out what they go through in Jordan.

    4) The king and all Heshemites are from Saudi Arabia – that coupled with the 88% “Palestinian” population, shouldn’t the “pro-Palestinian” crowd be protesting the Heshemite/Jordanian occupation of “Palestinian” land, especially as the original “Mandate for Palestine” included ALL of what is now Jordan?

  3. No, never ,it all belongs to Israel,i am a christian gentile Zionist because i believe the scriptural word of G_D…by faith Abraham believed and it was accounted as righteousness to him by G_D,,,and G_D deeded all the land to the descendants of Abraham in an unconditional covenant

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