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Folly of 'Stage 1' Thinking

As Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement at the start of a cabinet meeting on Sunday, the ongoing Iran negotiations are “a collapse, not a breakthrough.” He added that “The major powers’ concessions are increasing. The deal being formulated will pave Iran’s path to the production of very many atomic bombs, and it will also channel to Iran hundreds of billions of dollars that will serve its aggression and terrorism campaigns in our region and around the world.”

Despite the opposition of Israel, strong action against Iran is still opposed by the masses of American Jewry. A recent nationwide poll of 1,000 American Jews found 59% support for any deal with “Iran that would cap its nuclear program and provide for enhanced inspection of its nuclear facilities in exchange for easing economic sanctions.” That is a larger amount of support than amongst the general American public.


Even on a fundamentally vital issue like Iran, Israel stands alone – and as American Jews are intermarrying & assimilating at tremendously high-numbers, many of the establishment masses have chosen the Democratic Party as their religion. As Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe has written, “liberalism has superseded Judaism as the religion of most American Jews.”

We see organizations like The New Israel Fund & J Street harm Israel’s interests at every turn. Philanthropist Edith Everett recently published an op-ed where she asks, “In reality, how much can he (Obama) demand of Iran? The idea that the United States, however powerful, can pull all the strings is a kind of arrogance that needs to be tempered with reality. No other nuclear country, including Israel, would even consider observers of their facilities. The fact that Iran has engaged in this dialogue is a credit to Obama who, before proposing a military option, is intelligently and sensibly trying first to negotiate an arrangement that would limit Iran’s ability to build a nuclear weapon.”It’s time to support President Obama’s effort on behalf of all of us to continue working to achieve the best path to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability.”

Those who suggest further capitulation to Iran are wrongly harming the interests of the West.

The same held true during World War Two when American Jews didn’t stand up for their brethren. While PM Netanyahu now warns the world about the dangers of Iran, his father – who served as secretary to Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky – previously sounded the alarm.

According to Midstream Magazine, In an editorial in the New York-based Revisionist journal Zionews in 1944, [Benzion] Netanyahu sharply challenged Jewish leaders: ‘They cannot claim, with a clear conscience, to have done everything within their power to save those condemned people. They have been too cautious, too appeasing, and too ready to swallow the meaningless statements of sympathy that were issued from high places.’

Many of us, however have learned, and today, people of all backgrounds who care about the West must stand up and be counted. The largest ever rally in America to oppose a nuclear Iran will be held in Times Square on July 22 at 5:30 p.m. Speakers will include the former CIA Director James Woolsey, former Congressman Allen West, former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra, and others.

Iran poses a threat to the entire Western World.


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