Given these choices, the Queens County organization has chosen to stand on principle, since it hasn’t much else in the way of political outcomes to hope for. But the Rockaway Republicans are in a slightly different boat. With substantial numbers of supporters in their ranks of the mayor and his chief GOP challenger, they could still go either way. The question for them is whether belated acceptance by an organization that previously pretended they weren’t there is worth severing all ties to a mayor who, at his best, seems barely aware that there are any Republicans in the city at all.


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Stuart W. Mirsky, a former New York City official and longtime Republican activist, is the author of several books, including a historical novel about Vikings and Indians in eleventh-century North America (“The King of Vinland's Saga”); a Holocaust memoir about a young Jewish girl trapped in eastern Poland at the height of World War II (“A Raft on the River”), and a work of contemporary moral philosophy (“Choice and Action”) exploring the linguistic and logical underpinnings of our ethical beliefs.